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Sales-focused communication through Call or Messaging (WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger)

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Experience Conversations That Drive Sales

See the power of VOIP + messaging, unified in a single Novocall app.

Omnichannel Chat Dashboard and Widget

What Can I Do With Novocall?

Engage Inbound Prospects

Effortless call automation and lead distribution 

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Automate Sales Call Outreach

Powerful sales outreach and cold call automation 

See Outbound Calls

Chat Where Your Customers Are

Communicate better with WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE 

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Here’s how we help you have better sales conversations 👇


Engage and chat on every messaging channel 

Engage prospects and support customers across all channels. Centralize all customer messages and never miss a message. 

✔ Integrate with WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, Telegram

✔ Omni-channel widget to capture leads and engage on chat 

✔ Centralized chat dashboard to unify all communications

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Omnichannel Chat Dashboard


Call back prospects in 30 seconds

Sell high-ticket products or service? Build rapport to sell better. For call-first businesses, Novocall helps you connect with your prospects via a callback so that you can sell better. 

✔ Click-to-Call Website Widget

✔ Trigger callbacks from Contact Forms

✔ Automate calls from Facebook Lead Forms

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Automate sales outreach and cold calls

Taking too long to reach out to sales prospects? Novocall helps you run cold call campaigns without you lifting a finger. Eliminate time-consuming tasks such as manual dialing.

✔ Auto-Dialer for automated outbound call campaigns

✔ Manage multiple leads lists and campaigns 

✔ Measure and report campaign performance

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Dynamic Number Insertion


Attribute calls to ad campaigns 

Novocall tracks your sales call data and links them back to your analytics platforms (Google & Facebook) for laser accurate attribution. Gain more visiblity to your ad campaigns.

✔ Track online campaigns with Dynamic Number Insertion 

✔ Track offline campaigns with Virtual Phone Numbers

✔ Full visibility with Reporting Dashboard

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Dynamic Number Insertion

What you can do with Novocall

Outreach Prospects

Outreach Prospects

Novocall automates cold call campaigns for sales outreach.

Engage Leads

Engage Leads

Novocall lets you chat with leads across different messaging apps.

69% of prospects have accepted cold calls from businesses

Nurture Leads

Novocall lets you nurture and push leads down the funnel. 

Distribute Leads

Distribute Leads

Novocall distribute leads across mutliple departments without lifting a finger.

Re-engage Leads

Re-engage Leads

Novocall re-engage leads by automatically following up with missed calls.

Attribute Leads

Attribute Leads to Ads

Attribute all sales calls back to ad campaigns, down to the specific keyword that triggered it.

Don’t take our word for it

“The ROI on attributing sales calls to our ad campaigns with Novocall makes this a no brainer for our clients.”

Abhishek Kumar
VP, Knorex

“Improving conversions through sales call automation has never been this easy. Our leads increased 4 times after using Novocall.”

Chan Kee Siak
CEO, Exabytes

“I switched from manual processes to Novocall’s sales automation and my conversion rates increased to 40-45%.”

Pedro Cuencas
Director of Digital Marketing, White Jacobs & Associates

“One of the best app investments I’ve ever made.”

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