Check out Novocall’s brand new integration – Google Calendar. Sync your calendar with Novocall scheduled timeslots, for every single call rep.

Being a sales manager or agent involves so many tasks – calling prospects, meeting clients, preparing proposals. This means that your calendar is always peppered with events and meetings that block out your time.

How do you then find time to talk to prospects and close them?

With Novocall’s automated scheduling, your website visitors can easily schedule calls with you and automatically get calls.

Coupled with our latest Google Calendar integration, you’ll be able to sync your meetings with your available time slot to call.

Furthermore, it’ll work for all of your call reps as well, individually syncing each of their calendars.

How does Google Calendar Integration work? 

Novocall sits on top of your connected Google Calendar, and checks for events. It will interpret such events as conflicts, blocking out the call agents’ time slots and prevents visitors from scheduling new event. 

Thus, when you add events to your Google calendar, as long as you ensure it is marked busy and not free/available, Novocall will see it as a conflict and block it out.

*If you have multiple agents with same working hours: The time slot will not be blocked out by 1 scheduled booking as the other agent will be available.

How do I link my Google Calendar? 

1. Select call agent to link calendar










Integrations > Google Calendar > Select a Call Rep

2. Select Google Account 

3. Select the calendar of your choice

4. Done! You’re synced with Google Calendar Integration

Check or edit existing links: 

Under Overview











Overview > Google Calendar









Choose another calendar or unlink calendar