5 ways to handle inbound calls for amazing customer service

Today, when most of us connect to our service providers through emails, live chat, texts, and social channels, do the call channel still exist or are they a thing of the past?

Well, talks are rife that calling services are no longer required for customer service.

However, one of the many mistakes companies make, is sacrificing their current stable support channels for new experimental methods. What this results in is a dip in support quality and customer satisfaction.

What companies should be aiming for, is a more omni-channel approach towards customer service, and that is why phone support is still one of the vital pillars of great customer service.

Inbound calls, when handled perfectly can bring enriched customer service and this is why most companies signify its existence.

Whether you want to use a calling service for your ad-campaign or web calling for your business web-page, there are numerous ways calls can boost your customer experience. Some efficient handling techniques is what every business needs!

Here’s a list of ways to handle inbound calls to maximise customer satisfaction.


Handle with a positive approach

Customers always love a service provider who is polite and works with a positive approach. It is important for a business agent seeking splendid customer care services to keep the customer-business conversation positive even though the business may not be able to provide the customer with the required perks.

Inbound calls have the power of bringing happy customers to the business and thus a positive approach is indispensable.

Inbound calls answer a customer query, increases sales through lead generation,  and nurtures the customer-business relationship. Thus, in-house agents have to carry a positive attitude to handle customers.


Training for accuracy

Inbound calls are to answer customer queries and every customer calling the business service for assistance needs accurate information. This makes it essential for the call center agent to have adequate knowledge to disseminate correct information.

Inbound calls can be a disaster to customer experience if the agent fails to deliver appropriate results for customer satisfaction.

The in-house agents must go through training on the business service so that in case of any issues, they can provide accurate information for splendid customer experience.

Since accurate information helps the customer plan their priorities accordingly, it can be very disappointing when the result is distracting and not as per the agents’ pre-defined information.

Thus, inbound calls play a crucial role in boosting customer experience, as these calls eventually satisfy or displease the customer.



Handling inbound calls is not easy, which is why at times you may displease the customer unintentionally. It is therefore important to have control over the incoming calls. If your business wants to handle inbound calls with ensuring enriched customer satisfaction, having control over the calls is necessary.

This control talks about the agent having a focus on the issues that the customer faces rather than talking irrelevant stuff that may distract the customer from the exact concern. Having control over the exact cause of concern is important because it assures customer satisfaction.

Not abiding by the correct guidelines of call answering, your business may diminish its efficiency in bringing enriched customer experience.

    Quality Monitoring

    Quality monitoring for the inbound calls highlights the professional and timely handling of the business incoming calls. It is important to check whether the calling service is handled efficiently so that customer experience quality is never compromised.

    To ensure that incoming calls offer excellent customer support, monitor each call to check the authenticity with a software. The quality control program has to be conducted regularly so that any threat to customer satisfaction is checked and an appropriate agent is deployed instantly to take care of the customer service results.


    Check on your call forwarding

    Call forwarding and call abandonment is a great cause of concern for the call centres. To offer outstanding customer service, it is absolutely essential to avoid call forwarding and call abandonment issues.

    A customer that wants to connect to the business through inbound calling would not like to be transferred from one agent to another in search of correct information. Customers wish to get an appropriate answer from the very first agent and call forwarding and abandonment leaves a negative impact on the business brand image, affecting customer satisfaction adversely.

    To handle customer calls efficiently and make way for boosted customer experience, businesses need to deploy skilled agents at work to handle all calls proficiently without the threat of abandonment and forwarding.

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    Written by

    Guest Poster – Prachi Priya

    Prachi Priya is a passionate content writer who writes about call center services on Go4Customer. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

    Written by

    Guest Poster – Prachi Priya

    Prachi Priya is a passionate content writer who writes about call center services on Go4Customer. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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