6 tools to help you recover lost leads from missed calls

According to BIA/Kelsey’s report, calls are still valued as the best lead generator with the highest conversion optimization rate. In fact, it has been proven that for general businesses, the conversion rate of calls is stunningly high at 30%-50%. Web leads, on the other hand, pales in comparison with a mere 2% conversion rate.

Evidently, it is important to capture as many inbound calls as possible because any missed inbound calls would mean a loss in a sales opportunity.

Therefore, we will be sharing 6 useful tools that will help to recover lost leads from missed calls easily so that you can capture every lead and maximise your sales.


1. Call Forwarding

One of the most simple and common solutions out there for capturing your missed calls is simply forwarding the calls to your personal mobile phone. When your office landline or VOIP phones miss a call, you could easily set the number to forward to your mobile phone. This especially works after working hours, when customers call in but no one is manning your phone line.

The issue with call forwarding, however, is that you will receive calls during your personal or family time, which can be intrusive and disruptive and that is not ideal.

2. Voicemail

Even though Voicemail is pretty ancient, its functions are still relevant today. This is because when leads/customers leave a voicemail for your company, your agents are able to track and get back to them immediately.

Furthermore, voicemail also plays a crucial role in helping your company prioritize the urgency of the missed calls. With the recorded messages, your agents will know which calls are more crucial and can attend to them first, ensuring that potential sales opportunities are not lost. In fact, data from sidesales.com has stated that voicemail helps to increase lead generation by up to 4.8%.

However, do take these statistics with a pinch of salt when applying to your industry or country of operations. Voicemail has widespread adoption in Northern American and European countries, but low adoption in Asian countries. Take Singapore for instance, where voicemail adoption is extremely low. In China, people prefer to leave voice snippets in WeChat instead of a traditional voicemail.


3. Call Tracking with Google Analytics and AdWords

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Google AdWords is another tool to help you track your calls. By using a Google Call forwarding number and posting an Ad on Google with a phone number, you will be able to do the following:

  • Track calls from Advertisements
  • Track calls to a phone number on your website
  • Track clicks on a number on your mobile website
  • Import call conversations

In addition, all the information above will be compiled neatly on your Google Analytics dashboard. You will be able to keep track of all your calls effortlessly and minimize on missing out on calls.


4. Callback Widget

Callback widgets are elegant yet powerful tools used to ensure that you do not miss any inbound calls. Callback widget (like the one from Novocall) allows customers from anywhere in the world to connect with you instantly, receive lead details and even schedule calls when you are out of office.

By tracking a lead, it provides the information a sales agent needs when a call is initiated from a customer using the widget. Should you miss a call or the caller called in after working hours, the caller will be prompted to reschedule a call with you. Hence, you will never have to worry about missing a call.

Check out Novocall’s callback widget, which is used by many SMEs in Singapore.


5. Call Tracking with Cloud Telephony

Credits: Quora

Cloud telephony allows for call tracking of your missed calls.

Many available cloud telephony companies such as Knowlarity also offer complementary services such as emails/messages to alert you whenever you miss a call. This will allow your company to keep track of all the missed calls and return the calls as soon as possible


6. Call Automation


Call automation services are powerful services that could potentially help your business fulfil your call needs. They usually come in the form of a flexible platform with multiple tools that allow you to customise your workflow.

One of the better call automation services we know is EngageSpark. They provide a plethora of tools that help your business automate your interactions with customers.

With call automation, we’re touching on the more complicated and multi-step processes. However, the flexibility it provides you is can be a long-term benefit.

Written by

JJ Huang

JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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