9  April 2020

Key differences between Novocall and Livecall, and when to use which callback software.

Looking for a Livecall alternative? Between Novocall and Livecall, which one suits your business better? Here is a feature comparison to help you better compare and decide.


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     Written by

    JJ Huang


Struggling to find the best way to increase your current sales targets, facing the fear of letting your customers down due to inefficient communication, tired of dealing with messy schedules and regretting missed calls?

It is common for sales and marketing teams nowadays to be continuously flooded with such challenges.

As you arrive on this page, you’re probably already aware that callback software might just be the ideal solution to your problems: it not only helps you increase sales but also improves the quality of customer service and efficiency of marketing.

Browsing through the market, the two callback software, Novocall and Livecall, both look great.

But which one suits your company best?

Through the article, we hope you can gain better insights into the specific values this two software can add to your business, and choose the best call-back software to boost your sales! We look at these key points in this article:

  • Key features of Novocall and Livecall
  • How these features help
  • Which software offers better and more unique features



The key features Livecall and its alternative, and which helps you better?

While the dashboard for Novocall and Livecall seem similar with comparable features, several differences can be distinguished upon a closer look.


Instant Call-back and Call rescheduling

When a potential customer visits your websites or sees your ad campaigns, both Novocall and Livecall allow these prospects to arrange an instant call-back or reschedule a call-back at a later time to convey their interests with the sales team directly.

This service is extremely powerful to capture visitors and improve sales performances by keeping interested visitors in close contact.

Aside from call rescheduling, Novocall offers an additional feature – it opens up more avenues for communication by adding a comment text section.

While it is true that some customers prefer to call, others prefer to chat. According to research done by CIO, 64% of people prefer text messaging versus phone calls and 44% of people would rather send a text message than be kept on hold.

Therefore, Novocall can indeed help your business engage with more potential users, including those who are interested but hesitate to approach your company directly via calls.

Call-back software allows for lead analysis

Just as important as the call itself, the collection and analysis of calls help you to evaluate the everyday performance of the business.

Novocall and Livecall collect data such as numbers and success rates of calls each day, as well as the customer journey of individual callers.

Inputting the data into diagrams and generating trends makes it clearer and easier to compare business performance.

In the dashboard section, the difference between Novocall and Livecall can be spotted.

Livecall displays analysis of trends and diagrams about inbound calls. While Novocall, aside from inbound calls, also includes analysis of scheduled calls, messages as well as calls via WhatsApp.

The collection of this additional information is important, and more relevant if your company needs a more comprehensive picture of your sales and marketing performance across all platforms.

You can thus be better informed, and adjust your business strategies accordingly.


Customer service optimization (Call-reps customization)

Customer service plays a huge part in sustaining your company’s growth.

According to American Express, 70% of American customers are willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.

Think about the days when your customers have to wait for centuries to get a callback, losing their patience as each second goes by, simply because your sales reps are being overwhelmed by too many calls coming at one time.

With call-back software, such situations can be easily avoided.

Both callback software allow your business to better manage your call reps’ schedule by inputting their working hours and availability.

This avoids a messy timeline and improves the efficiency of answering calls by matching the available call-reps to users in the shortest possible duration.

Improving customer service is not only about speed but also about quality.

There is a saying that goes: “Treat all customers the same”.

This is rather true, in the sense that we should offer all customers equal respect and rights.

However, when it comes to sales and marketing, you should indeed approach each potential customer differently, by catering to their specific needs and interests.

Novocall encompasses additional features to cater more specifically to customers’ needs.

Novocall includes a section for users to fill in their interested field when they schedule the call, such as pricing and partnership.

Through this, the call reps can have prior knowledge about their potential customers’ needs and adjust accordingly.

What’s more, you can organize call reps into different teams, according to geographical location, specialties, and departments. By routing customers to the right agents and call reps, conversations can be smoother.

For example, a call from a customer who has inquiries about loans will be directed to call-reps who are experts in loans to better address the customer’s concerns.

While Novocall focuses on team functions, Livecall also integrated a Targeting Function. However, the targeting is mostly based on the source that the user is directed from, rather than the demand of users themselves.

You can assign specific call reps to connect with users who are being directed from specified sources or located in specified locations.



Integration of call-back software with existing platforms – communication, CRM, and more!

Novocall and Livecall integrate with various platforms and apps, to offer great convenience and unveil your business potential.

Besides capturing inbound calls, both software can be integrated with Whatsapp, Telegram, and more communication platforms to connect you with customers in various ways.

What’s more, both can be integrated with Facebook lead ads as well as other campaign ads.

Users can not only schedule callbacks on your website, but they can also schedule callbacks on the sites where the advertisements are placed.

This allows you to achieve a much higher conversion rate from your marketing efforts to real sales.

What makes Novocall stand out is its integration with the CRM apps. For example, it integrates directly with Salesforce and Hubspot.

If your sales and marketing team are already using these apps to manage traffic and connect with leads, they can now do it in a much more convenient and faster way with the addition of Novocall software.


Wrapping up: Why Novocall as your call-back software choice?

I hope this article has given you more understanding about the similar services and distinct features that Novocall and Livecall offer, and how they can make a positive impact on your business.

With main features compared, Livecall would be pretty useful, and sufficient for companies whose main objective is to simply capture more lead calls through call-back software.

On the other hand, Novocall will be more suitable if your company also demands multiple channels and more customized ways to connect with customers.

On top of that, if your marketing team wants to identify the most cost-effective ad campaigns, and your sales team needs to improve communication efficiency, Novocall’s stronger reporting feature can definitely step up and do you a better favor.

Still unsure about how Novocall can make a real difference to your business? Get started with us today to find out more about what Novocall can truly offer you.


You are reading the Business Development, Services and Marketing (BDSM) Blog. Named to reflect the punishing amount of discipline required to master the core tenets of the industries we service, we blog about current affairs, industry tips, tech developments and more.

     Written by

    JJ Huang


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