12 August 2020

How call-back software decide how to distribute leads?

It is essential that you personalize your services these days. You need to assign the sales rep with the right expertise to handle specific leads. But how do you decide how to do so?


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Like it or not, if you’re doing something manually, you’re wasting time. For call-back software that collect lead information before scheduling calls, automatic lead distribution is essential.


Infographic on important lead distribution metrics and statistics.

Important lead distribution metrics and statistics. Source: LeadSquared.


And it’s really no wonder why it’s so successful. Automated lead distribution doesn’t just direct your leads to a sales rep. It directs your leads to the right sales rep.

That way, the sales reps best equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle that lead of a particular profile will be assigned to interact with the lead. This improves the customer experience for the lead.

That being said, how do call-back software like Novocall Conversations decide how to distribute your leads? Let’s find out.


Availability of sales reps

A survey by New Voice Media (now acquired by Vonage), 77% of respondents believe that a phone call is the most effective way to get an answer to a query.

Yet, a survey of 2,500 respondents showed that 60% of them felt that being left on hold for even 1 minute is too long. Imagine the number of leads who hang up before your sales reps are available to chat with them.

How then can we ensure that leads would not have to wait too long before being put on a call with the sales rep? Enter round-robin algorithms.


How round robin algorithms work on Novocall Conversations to distribute leads.

How round robin algorithms work on Novocall. Source: Novocall.


Novocall Conversations doesn’t just randomly connect your leads to any sales rep. We distribute leads to the right one.

We use round-robin algorithms to distribute leads based on a sales reps’ availability. Leads will not get sent to sales reps who are currently engaged in another call or busy. This reduces lead response time, by bouncing the caller to the next available rep.


Location of caller

Novocall Conversations’ Departments feature uses conditional routing to distribute calls from leads intelligently based on specific situations.

Sometimes, a lead may request a call-back from a company that is based in a different country from the lead.


How Novocall Conversations distributes leads to sales reps.

How Novocall Conversations distributes leads to sales reps. Source: Novocall.



With Departments, Novocall Conversations is able to route calls from such leads to the sales reps based in the same country as the lead.

This helps is also useful to avoid the timezone issue so your sales reps will not have to stay up at ungodly hours to work according to a different timezone.


Languages spoken by your leads

Of course, if your company operates in a foreign country, there’s a chance that the official language of that country isn’t the same as your own country’s.


Sales reps categorized based on the languages they speak.

Sales reps categorized based on the languages they speak. Source: Novocall.


Conversations’ Departments feature allows you to assign leads to your sales reps who speak the same language as they do.

This way, language barriers will not pose as big an issue if you wish to expand into another country.


Business function

Imagine this. You are a marker looking for a call-back software to be used as part of your website optimization marketing campaign.

You spend so much time in an email thread deciding on a specific date and time to schedule a call with a sales rep.

Said appointment arrives and the sales rep reveals that they’re not familiar with using call-back software for marketing.


Sales reps categorized based on the business function they belong to.

Sales reps categorized based on the business function they belong to. Source: Novocall.


This can really make the customer experience very frustrating for the leads as your sales rep is unable to help address their problems.

Novocall Conversations allows businesses to assign sales reps to interact with leads from specific business functions.

This way, the lead distribution process will route calls from your leads to the right sales rep with the right expertise.


Company size

In an exclusive interview with Salesforce Team Lead Edouard Obin, he said that sales should be contextual.

Selling to enterprise-level companies is different from selling to a middle-market company.

For instance, larger companies will be more careful when buying and implementing new software. This is due to the more far-reaching effects that come with changes to the type of software they use.

Companies of various sizes require different sales tactics in order to successfully sell your product or service to them.

Departments allow you to categorize your sales reps according to their specialization in terms of dealing with potential clients of specific sizes. Leads will then be distributed accordingly to the sales rep most suited to address their business needs.



Personalization of services is key these days.

As you can see, lead distribution helps your business personalize the customer experience by routing your leads to specific sales reps with the right experience.

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