11 September 2020

Spotlight on outbound call software: Five9

Five9 is an outbound call software. But is it the one for you? We examine its features and compare them to its alternatives to help you decide which one suits you best.


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Making outbound calls is essential to many businesses.

Whether you are making outbound calls to generate leads or reaching out to existing customers to provide support, having an outbound call software really helps.

Outbound calls add a human touch to your customer interactions and can improve the customer experience.

While doing research on the best outbound call solution for your business, you might have come across Five9.

In this article, we examine its reviews, features, and prices and compare them to those of other Five9 alternatives.


What is Five9


Logo of outbound call software Five9


Five9 is an omnichannel contact center software that automates the whole contact management process for your business. This includes processes such as inbound and outbound calls.

A Brief review of Five9’s features

What Five9 did right

1. Cloud-based contact center software

Five9’s contact center software is a cloud-based service. This makes it very convenient if your sales team works remotely. It allows your team to simply just log on from their computer and do their job from anywhere in the world.

2. Lead routing rules

Since Five9 is an omnichannel software, it receives various demands from different customers. Customers coming from each platform have their own unique needs. To deliver the best service, Five9 provides skill-based routing rules to connect the customer with the appropriate agent.

3. Variety of dialer options

Five9 does not only come with the basic automatic dialer. It also has other types of dialers such as predictive, power, progressive, and preview dialers. Its prominent features might sound convincing enough for you to choose them as the best software. But we will discuss how Five9 might not be the best software and why.


What Five9 did not do right

1. Poor User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

Reviews of Five9’s user interface issues

Customer reviews on Five9’s not user-friendly UI/UX.


Five9’s interface is not as user-friendly as customers expected it to be. This is inconvenient for users as they need to spend more time trying to figure out how to even access basic information.


2. Slow customer support


Reviews on Five9’s slow response support team

Five9’s support team is slow to respond to fix a technical issue.


According to reviews on Capterra, having a badly designed UI/UX has already caused Five9’s users serious problems. This problem is exacerbated by poor customer support provided. Other users have even feedbacked that some support teams do not have adequate knowledge to solve their problems.

3. Frequent system outage


Reviews on Five9’s system outage

How Five9’s unstable servers cause a system outage.


Some users explained that Five9’s servers were not stable enough to handle their demands. This affects software performance which causes frequent system outage. This slowed down the operations of its users and decreased productivity.

Now that we’ve examined the pros and cons of the software, let’s take now take a look at some of the other Five9 alternatives out there in the market!


Distribution Engine competitors

ChaseData – Make IVR-enabled agentless calls


ChaseData’s Outbound call management page.

ChaseData’s Outbound call management page. Source: ChaseData


ChaseData is a call center solution with outbound that comes with an agentless dialing system. This alternative allows your sales team to reach out to potential leads with pre-recorded messages and an interactive voice response (IVR) menu. The IVR menu can be customized to direct potential leads to your sales reps by pressing specific numbers.


CallHub – Designed to help you manage communities better


CallHub's features facilitate community management.

CallHub’s features facilitate community management. Source: CallHub


CallHub is an outbound call center software designed to help you reach out to your communities via outbound communications. These include local neighborhood communities, political groups, and various interest groups. Not only can you make outbound calls to members of your community, but you can also automate text messages to inform them of any upcoming events. Your call history and details can also be recorded in its system for future reference.

Bright Pattern – AI-powered omnichannel call center software


Visualization of the different channels Bright Pattern's omnichannel platform is integrated with.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel solution allows your sales reps to communicate with your customers via a variety of channels. Source: Bright Pattern


Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution allows you to connect with customers via different communication channels. These include voice calls, video calls, live chat, SMS, text messaging, mobile apps, and social media. Users are also able to switch between the different digital channels during an interaction. Conversations on digital platforms like messaging apps can even be supported by AI features. This Five9 competitor can provide suggestions to your sales reps during a conversation with a customer to help them decide on the best response.


Novocall Conversations – All-in-one call management software with outbound call features


 The dialler in Novocall Conversations where sales reps make outbound calls.

The dialler in Novocall Conversations where sales reps make outbound calls. Source: Novocall


Novocall Conversations is a holistic call management software that possesses a suite of call-related features. These include call-back automation, call tracking, and outbound calling. Conversations have a manual dialer that allows sales reps to call any potential lead. It’s outbound call features allow users to automatically record information on their outbound leads into their CRMs. This Five9 alternative provides users with in-depth insights about their leads which can be used to tweak your outbound call strategy.


Comparing Distribution Engine and its competitors

Now that we’re done discussing the unique selling points (USPs) of these Five9 alternatives, let’s take a look at how they compare in terms of their other features and pricing

Other features

Novocall Conversations
Bright Pattern
Auto Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Call Scheduling

Call Distribution

Call Recording


International Number

Call Routing


Call Tracking

Multiple Touchpoints Attribution

List Management

Report and analytics

CRM Integration

Pricing Plans

Novocall Conversations
Bright Pattern
Not provided
Not provided
Not provided



We hope that we’ve provided you with an in-depth comparison of the different Five9 alternatives!

So which software should you choose? To answer that question, you’ll need to know the business problem you want to address really well.

If you are looking to reach out to a large community to disseminate information, perhaps CallHub is the one for you.

If the majority of your leads are generated via calls, Novocall Conversations is the one for you. It even gives your oversight of all your call-related processes!

To find out more about Novocall Conversations can support your outbound efforts, feel free to get started with us today!

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