Tracking your phone calls helps you know where your customer calls are coming from and that is critical to making smart business decisions. We can do that with call tracking software.

Not all businesses can work with only social or chat. There are many businesses where a customer needs to call before he can make a decision. Some examples of these are service-based businesses like legal services or travel agencies, or even complex e-commerce products like selling mattresses online.

No one denies the fact that that digital advertising is a part of how you market your business. But if calls are one of your main drivers of customer sales, the question is: how do you know if your marketing campaign drives your customer calls? 

The latest in today’s technology is call tracking. Now, you can trace how the customer managed to call you, and then use this information to determine which of your marketing campaigns are working.

This call tracking software, which also comes with call scheduling features, works best with both Google Analytics & AdWords integration.

Just imagine a person seeing your ad on Google, and then taps your phone number to call you. Normally, you will never know which ad made him or her act. But with a tracking software, you’ll know which advertisement worked, and then you can take the best practices from that and use it on your other digital campaigns.

Here are some ways on how call tracking can work to boost your digital marketing ROI.

Keyword Tracking

As a business, you may be targeting specific keywords to boost your online presence on search engines. What you may not have realized though, is not all of them can produce the same results.

If you have a call tracking software, you will know which of your keywords generated the most action. In an accountancy firm, you may use keywords or phrases like accountancy for hire, accounting services, or bookkeeping services.

Although you can track how many people got to your website for searching these keywords, you would not know which ones caused customers to book appointments the most.

If you have a call scheduling system which is integrated into your call tracking system, you will know which keywords produce more call results. And if you do, you may start considering using that keyword more, and then reduce your ad spend on the other that does not generate action.

Campaign Tracking

Which of your campaigns produce the most engagement? In social media and digital advertising, it is easy to track which campaign had the most likes, or which ones had the most comments.

The problem is, you do not know which ones prompted the customers to call or take advantage of your call scheduling services.

With a call tracker, you have a real data set that shows you where the calls are coming from. Do customers call from a specific location? And if they do, is there a certain demographic that gets attracted to your business?

If you know these things, you can increase your revenue because your calls can be matched against the campaign. And if you know which campaign is working, you will also know which target market is much more responsive to your ads.

If your ad set-ups are all the same, you can do a deep dive what caused others to respond better on a specific campaign. Maybe it is the color or the ad graphics. And you will not second guess, because you are sure that calls are being booked because of that ad.

Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking

Now, nothing comes better in a call tracking software than the ability to slice and dice the data in any way.

If you use Novocall, you can determine if the actual calls are coming from a specific channel. Are people calling because they saw it on Google ads, on your email marketing campaigns, or from your social media ads?

If you know which one is working, you can boost your efforts on that particular platform, and expect to reach more people who are more likely to be engaged. In short, you will not waste money on platforms and channels that do not bring revenue to your company.


    Call tracking has other benefits, such as giving you the ability to track the cost of your calls or the cost of the campaigns that drive the calls.

    You will have enough data to validate your theories, and then use that data analysis to make informed decisions to make your business earn more money, use the right campaigns in the right channel, and put more money on those that bring revenue.

    The call tracking software is best used by digital marketing agencies or businesses that run their own advertising campaigns. It offers top-notch reporting and analytical data collection, and you can use that to present to your clients how you track campaign success and opportunities.

    If you are a business, you can use the information to find out what works and what does not. You can use this data to explain in a meeting why there must be a change in how you approach your campaigns, and you can convince your board or partners to support your plans.