19 August 2020

Lead Distribution Software Competitors: Velocify, Kreato, and Direct Connect

We examine 3 different lead distribution software and compare their features and prices to help you make a better purchase decision.


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78% of leads are more likely to buy from the company that responds to them first. If you don’t distribute your leads to your sales reps quickly, they would probably have gone to your competitor by the time you reply.

Every minute counts.

Leads are more likely to convert or respond within the first minute after they submit the form.

To speed things up, lead distribution software were created to automate the whole process.

In this article, we compare and contrast the features of 3 lead distribution software to help you decide which one fits your business.




Logo of lead distribution software competitor Velocify


Velocify is the first lead distribution software competitor on the list. It’s a lead management software that utilizes pull-based, push-based, and hybrid lead routing rules to distribute inbound leads to the right sales rep. It also drives priority lead distribution by allowing users to score their leads. Velocify also comes with real-time reporting and analytics features to provide users with insights in order to make more informed decisions.


Logo of lead distribution software competitor Kreato

Kreato is another alternative lead distribution tool. It is a CRM software with lead distribution features that allows users to set lead routing rules. These rules can be based on your sales reps’ ability or other criteria such as the location of the caller.

Direct Connect

Logo of lead distribution software competitors Direct Connect

Direct Connect is a competitor that collects information about your leads to distribute them to the right sales reps. It also has other complementary features that can be used along with its lead distribution function. For example, you can record sales calls and use them to provide insights as to how you can improve your sales pitches. It also has call analytics features that allow users to measure the performance of your sales team.


Features comparison

Direct Connect
Lead Capture

Lead Distribution

Keyword Spotting

Multi-touch Attribution

Customizable Routing Rules

Lead Tracking

Lead Qualification

Lead Scoring

Call Scheduling

Call Tracking

Automated Feedback Capture

Reporting & Analytics

CRM Integration

Mobile App


Pricing comparison

Direct Connect
Basic plan
$60 per month
$19 per month
$49 per month

$95 per month
$49 per month
$99 per month

$65 per month
$149 per month


Which lead distribution software is the best for you?

We hope that we’ve provided you with a deeper understanding of how these 3 lead distribution software companies work.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Some companies decide based on their budget, while others decide solely on whether the software provides the necessary features to suit their business needs.

As you can tell in the feature comparison table, it’s common for many solutions to share similar features. So how can you make the best purchase decision?

We further examine 5 other software and compare their USPs.


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