2  April 2020

Use Cases and Best Practices for Sharing Your TimeSync Scheduling Link

Here are some Use Cases and Best Practices of using your scheduling link. Discover how it impresses your invitees and gets your calendar filled up!

     Written by

    JJ Huang


JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

If you’ve ever had to schedule calls and meetings for your business, you’ve undoubtedly experienced some friction along the way—as we have. That’s why we chose to build TimeSync. As we shared the scheduling link for other uses, like recruitment, we noticed that the power of this scheduling tool lies in the sharing process itself.

Aside from the common methods of scheduling sales meetings, TimeSync can also be used in myriad ways to schedule different types of meetings and calls.

Here are some meeting scheduler use cases, and best practices to impress your invitees and get your calendar filled up!


Meeting scheduler use cases: When should you share your scheduling link?

Once you’ve started a conversation with a prospect and established rapport, you may decide to further engage them with a meeting.

To set up said meeting, you can offer your available times to meet by simply sharing your scheduling link, instead of manually checking your own calendar for available slots in a wearisome back-and-forth.

Common ways of sharing your link are through emails or chat. For work purposes, we communicate through email and add the link in the email content.
This allows your prospect to schedule a time when both of you are available without any further back-and-forth emails!


Using NovoMeet in email


Here are some email templates with scheduling link to use for different scenarios

We’ve created several email templates for you to adapt for your own needs. These are message templates that we use ourselves internally as well, and it showcases the value of your new NovoMeet scheduling link.

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of common meeting types.

Using for a first sales call (sales discovery):

I saw that you are interested to find out more about (your product/service). Let’s schedule a chat to talk more about your needs. Here’s my availability (insert scheduling link) so we can reach you as soon as possible.

Client follow-up:

Hey (first name), how’s everything coming along with (your product/service)? I’d love to help more, you can book a call with me through my link (insert scheduling link).

Recruitment & screening candidates:

Hi (first name), thank you for your interest in (job position) with (company). I’d like to learn more about your background, experience, and qualification through a short phone conversation. Here’s my availability (insert scheduling link) for this week. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Office Hours (Academic):

Hi (first name), let’s have a short meeting at my office to discuss your questions on the (insert class, assignment, projects). Please book a time slot here (insert scheduling link) and let me know any questions you have beforehand so that I can prepare.

Upcoming Events or Conference:

Hi (first name), it would be great to chat further when we meet at (insert event). Shall we schedule a fixed time to chat on the first day? Here’s my availability, (insert scheduling link) would you choose the time that works best for you? Looking forward to speaking with you!


Email Signature:

Adding in your scheduling link in your email signature works wonders in providing a super-easy way for your prospects to book a call with you, especially when doing sales.


Email signature with NovoMeet link

Adding your scheduling link into your name cards

This is slightly more uncommon, but seeing a QR code on business cards really helps you stand out from the tons of name cards collected at a trade show or event that you were at last month!


Name card with QR code


Although your business card might have your website or email, making it easier to connect with you online definitely helps keep the conversation going with your prospects. It’s really simple to set up your QR code:

(i) You just need to grab your scheduling link
(ii) Go to a QR code generator (like QR-code-generator.com)
(iii) Paste your link and a QR code will be generated automatically!

QR code generator screenshot


Where to set up your scheduling link?

Setting up your first scheduling link is really simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your Novocall account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free and get full access to the platform so you can try out the above-mentioned templates.
  2. Under the TimeSync tab, build your first meeting link and test it out.
  3. Join our Novocall Community to share your successes and learn from others.

You can find your link under the Meetings tab.

You can create multiple events with unique URLs for each one. This helps you connect to different calendars, share availability, and customize different purposes for your meetings.
For your first meeting, simply copy the URL and you’re good to go!



I hope this helped provide you with more inspiration for using your scheduling link in a flexible manner. Customize your link, tailor your messaging, and start booking meetings with a different scheduling experience!

Don’t have a Novocall account? Get started with us today!!

JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

     Written by

    JJ Huang


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