Introducing Novocall’s New Look

Why a rebrand? Novocall's mission is to make business-to-customer communication personalized, and we aim to showcase a more refreshing brand image.
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)

Co-founder, CEO

Introducing Novocall’s New Look

About a year ago, the founders of Novocall first started planning our click to callback software, allowing businesses to empower marketing and sales teams around the world. To date, we have more than 2,000 business over 42 countries deploying our widget on their sites, and over 50,000 calls connected.

Come 2019, we came together to put our plans for the year, and we have decided to set in motion a way to solidify our company identity – with a Rebrand! ⚡

Wait, why the need for a rebrand?

Looking back, it seemed that our software have evolved so much since a year ago. The collaterals at use when Novocall first launched (yes, the blue and white logo that you’re familiar with) have now become somewhat misaligned with our brand ethos and our intended market position.

While we previously focused heavily on pushing our product to market as fast as possible, it’s easy to be get lost in our product-crazed frenzy and give in to feature creep and other feature-centric issues. However, as company builders, it’s crucial to take a step back and look at things from a company, brand and market perspective.

Take our old logo for instance:



When our users or someone first looked at this logo, they told us, “Nice logo, it looks like a software company.” And yes, the logo serves its purpose of showcasing us as a software company.

But that’s not enough. There needs to be a deeper perception towards our logo, for instance, how does our logo relate to our product, or how do people feel about Novocall?

We knew that there is a gap of perception of our product and brand, sparking the realization that a rebrand needed to be done, in order to better reflect our company’s intentions of becoming the modern solution to converting sales calls.

What did we want to show with our rebrand?

Towards the end of 2018, we embarked on our rebrand. It was conducted fully in-house, with close guidance with our marketing industry advisor (Jan, thanks for all the help) to really nail down our refreshed brand ethos and effectively convey that into a globally-ready brand.

The first matter at hand – what is our brand’s mission?

Only by knowing our company’s mission and our core values, we would be able to craft our brand around it.

At Novocall, our mission is to help businesses communicate faster and more personally with their customers. In this manner, we’ll should also portray a more personal and approachable brand identity.

Now, let’s look at what’s new and what’s better than before.

The Actual Rebrand

Aligning with a mission of making business-to-customer communication more personalized, we aimed to showcase a more refreshing brand image through use of key color gradients, and softer design elements in a bid to humanize our formerly clinical-and-strictly-digital projection.

Logo Changes

Key among those visuals is our logo. It is reimagined to consist of two arrows in pointing different directions, and joining together. This symbolises our core USP of seamless communication from two separate channels, while forming an abstract “N” for Novocall.



Old Novocall Logo


Rebranded Novocall Logo

New Brand Colors

Your brand colors reflect your brand personality. Having a dark blue to light blue gradient is a typical software color (which was what we were going for at the beginning), but it shows a lack of emotion in our brand personality.

Keeping our vision in mind, we developed colors that reflect our brand’s personality attributes.



Novocall’s new brand colors

Website's Brand New Look

Our website had an entire visual overhaul. The goal of the rebrand, especially when it comes to the website, is also to maximize user conversion on the site, while reflecting the new design.

While changing the colors is one thing, we also want to imbue the site with a more fun and refreshing vibe. Introducing our new brand mascot… Novonaut!


Say hi to Novonaut!

Adding Novonaut into several parts of the site helps us tie the site with a theme, while bringing out an approachable first impression to our new site visitors.

Here’s several places Novonaut’s added:


In our problem statement – Novonaut’s falling



Page Link Section



Case Studies Section


Aside from a brand mascot, we also updated the copies and site assets and performed multi-variant A/B tests (we used OmniConvert, if you’d like to know) in order to more effectively optimize our incoming site traffic. This allowed us to actively observe and optimize key conversion points and dialled down on the things that worked and fine-tuned the things that didn’t.

New Social Look

What’s new visuals without new social images? We also brought forth a whole new social look, together with a brand new slogan: “Turn your clicks into calls“.


Updated Product Interface and Product Layout

If you login to the Novocall’s app, you’ll see that the entire dashboard is fully revamped as well. Aside from the new visuals, in a bid to make the product more user-friendly for our users, a portion of product layout is changed.

User experience is one of the most important attribute that we want to prioritize, as it’ll be one of the key things that set us apart from the competition.

The product has to flow in a way that comes intuitively to the user, and that was what we strive to design.

We’ll be highlighting several notable changes.

So what's changed in the product?

Sidebar changes: 2 New Tabs added to the sidebar, Call Reps and Installation. Since these are the more frequented features, they shouldn’t be hidden several layers in the settings.



Installation changes: The Installation page is now split into (i) Installation of widget (ii) Callback Link.

This allows for easier access for users to grab their callback page link.



Installation Tab



Share Link Tab

Widget Settings: The widget settings is overhauled. It has a different layout, to follow the flow of setting up your widget from the first step to the last.



Widget Settings Flow


First step: Widget Setup (the very first step of the widget)

Followed up: Content Appearance (the natural next step)

Next: Widget Design > Widget Targeting > Pages To Trigger

With this sequential layout of the different widget settings, it makes it a whole lot simpler to set up your widget.

Dashboard: We’ve added more analytics to your dashboard. These include:

  • Today stats
  • Widget impressions (New)
  • Monthly call usage (New)
  • Graphical usage
  • Calls Status
  • Widget Call Usage
  • Average Call Duration (New)
  • Upcoming Scheduled Calls
  • Top Pages (New)

Novocall is a holistic call management solution

New Dashboard

Features for Agencies

Lastly, we’ve also pushed out some parts of the agency dashboard for early beta testing.

The agency dashboard will include the ability to add your clients’ accounts into your agency dashboard, allowing you to control and monitor your clients easily while still allowing your clients to retain control and customize however they like without wasting your time.

Our tests will be concluding in 1-2 weeks’ time, and we’ll push it live soon. Watch out for this, agencies!

Rolling It Out

From the beginning, we decided that this wouldn’t be a simple visual overhaul, but a fully committed transformation of our brand. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s also been fun and totally worth it for an evolved of Novocall, ready to take on more challenges.

Why not get started with us today?


JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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