10 September 2020

Outbound call software competitors: PhoneBurner, 8×8, Adversus

We explore 3 different outbound call software and compare its highlighted features and prices to help you make the best decision.


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Many things go into creating the perfect recipe for the best outbound call strategy.

You have to qualify the contact information you collect and ensure that they are all potential buyers.

You then need to prepare the most effective call script to grab your potential lead’s attention given the limited attention span people have.

Then comes every other thing you need to worry about during the call.

After having put in so much effort, the one thing that makes or breaks your process is your outbound call software. Having good software which streamlines your entire process is essential.

Let’s examine 3 outbound call software competitors and compare their features to give you a better idea of which one is best for your business.



Logo of outbound call software PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner’s Power Dialer will help you make more outbound calls by automating the whole process. In addition to its automated dialing system, PhoneBurner makes its service available to remote teams with Remote Dialing. Since PhoneBurner is cloud-based software, your team only needs an internet connection and their computer to make calls no matter where they are. This is also helpful in the current condition for remote working teams.



Logo of outbound call software 8x8


8×8 Contact Center is a cloud-based automated outbound call system. 8×8’s dialer allows you to select your dialing system preference. To support its automated call system, 8×8 also has a conversational virtual assistant that provides automated self-service options.



Logo of outbound call software Adversus


Adversus is a cloud-based contact center and CRM software that automates your outbound calls. This outbound call software competitor allows you to set some rules in the system to let them automatically prioritize certain customers. As automated CRM, Adversus also possesses other key features like workflow management and lead management.



Auto Dialer

Call Recording

Call Scheduling

Call Scripting


Call List Management

Text Messaging

Report and analytics




Pricing plan

Not provided
Not provided
Not provided


We hope that we’ve provided you with in-depth insight into what the different outbound call software competitors can provide you.

But as you can see from the feature comparison table, it can be quite difficult to identify the uniqueness of each software. As with many SaaS products, many outbound call software also share the same basic features.

How then do you discern which software is best for you?

To help you with that, we’ve prepared an article comparing the USPs of 4 different software.

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