How To Improve Your Sales Funnel Conversion Rates

Looking to generate more sales? Check out these 5 tips on improving your sales funnel conversion rates!
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Your company’s sales funnel is the journey customers go through when they first learn about your business until they actually make a purchase. 

While this largely depends on which industry you’re operating in and the nature of your business, there will be different touchpoints in your sales funnel. And this means that there are some tactics you can use to enhance them and improve your sales funnel conversion rates.

If you’re having trouble generating leads and converting them into sales, fret not! In this article, we’re going to provide you with some tips to help you optimize your sales funnel and boost your conversion rates. Let’s dive right in!


How to improve sales funnel conversion rates

Ensure your selling pages have effective CTAs

Directing people to your website and onto your service pages is only half the battle won — you still need to find a way to convert those web visitors into sales. 

This is where call-to-actions (CTAs) come in really handy. 

CTAs are essentially instructions that tell your web visitors exactly what they need to do next or where they need to go. They usually come in the form of a button or highlighted text. 

While it might seem like something insignificant, CTAs can be very effective in helping to usher web visitors into your sales funnel. The right CTA can help to point them in the right direction and motivate them to invest in a product or service.

You want to make sure that your CTAs don’t blend in with the rest of your content by using bright or contrasting colors. Also, pay close attention to the wording of your CTAs. Use verbs such as ‘buy’, ‘subscribe’, or ‘call’ to encourage visitors to take action. 

Let’s take a look at an example of a good CTA. 

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting software provider, and they use calls to action particularly well on their service pages.

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting software provider, and they use calls to action particularly well on their service pages. 

They place simple instructions on bright green buttons, which creates contrast against their website’s white background. Furthermore, they make sure to highlight that prospective customers can try out their platform for 30 days completely free of charge.

The term ‘free’ is will likely convince their web visitors to give their software a try.

Create educational content

You’ll find it easier to move people through your sales funnel if you ensure they truly understand what you’re selling and how it can benefit them. So, consider creating valuable content with the sole purpose of helping your audience to make more informed purchases.

Here are just a few different types of content that are particularly great for this:

  • Buying guides: These should outline all of the factors someone needs to consider before investing in a particular type of product or service.
  • Comparison pieces: These are great for helping shoppers to weigh up their options. You could compare different solutions that you sell or show how your company stacks up against the competition.
  • Case studies: Case studies will allow you to outline who you’ve helped in the past and what kinds of results you were able to get for them, so new customers can work out whether your services are right for them.
  • User guides and product demonstrations: Showing exactly how your products or services work will give people a clearer understanding of what applications they have and who they’re designed for.
  • Detailed guides about what you do: Simply explaining exactly what you do in the simplest terms can give people a better understanding of who you can help and whether you’re going to be the right fit for them.
Loganix's SEO glossary
Loganix’s SEO glossary

For example, Loganix offers a wide range of SEO and digital marketing services and consistently publishes high-quality content. They’ve also created an SEO glossary that helps website visitors learn more about their services and SEO as a whole.

Make it easy to buy from you

Another thing to remember is that, the easier it is to buy from you, the more conversions you’ll get. Online shoppers like quick and convenient experiences, so removing as much friction as possible from their buying journey is one of the best ways to improve your sales funnel conversion rates. 

There are a number of ways you can make it as easy as possible for website visitors to convert. For instance, you could:

  • Provide a sophisticated search feature to help people find the most suitable products fast
  • Use clear calls to action that tell website visitors exactly where to go or what to do
  • Provide multiple contact options that are clearly signposted and easy to access

Stay on your followers’ social media feeds

One of the most powerful tools for ensuring you stay in your audience’s line of sight is social media. If you can make sure that you appear on your audiences’ social media platforms, you can drastically improve the chances of them moving through your sales funnel and buying from you.

For the best results, it’s vital that you use the social media platforms that are most relevant to your target customers. 

For instance, if you have a particularly young customer base, TikTok and Instagram are likely to be good choices. Older demographics typically spend a lot of their online time on Facebook, and you’ll want to use LinkedIn if you’re targeting professionals or selling B2B services.

It’s also worth noting that posting on social media every day can be difficult to manage — especially if you want to use multiple platforms. That said, using social media analytics tools can help minimize manual work and save time by scheduling content in advance. This will make it much easier for you to generate social media leads and turn those into sales, increasing your conversion rate.

Reach out to leads that were close to converting

Finally, one of the most effective ways you can ensure people move through your sales funnel and eventually convert is by following up with those who were previously close to doing so. 

There are many reasons why someone may have decided not to purchase your product or service. Their priorities could have changed, they might have reassessed their budget, or maybe they just forgot. 

So, it’s worth reaching out to leads with who you’ve previously spoken to see if there’s anything you can do to sway them to make a purchase.


We hope that this article has given you the tips you need to improve your sales funnel conversion rates. 

By removing any friction from your customers’ buying journeys, creating content to help them make informed purchases, and following up with leads that were previously close to buying from your business, you’ll start to see some favorable results.

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