8 July 2020

New TimeSync Feature: Create Qualification Flows

TimeSync’s new feature now allows you to set lead qualification questions to save time qualifying leads. Learn more about the feature and its benefits.

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We all know the good old saying “Time is money”. Unfortunately, businesses waste up to 45 minutes speaking to unqualified leads. In reality, only 27% of all leads sent to your sales team are qualified.

This reduces your teams’ productivity as they spend more time engaging with people who may not be the best fit for your business, or are not as interested as they seem.

40% of your qualified leads could even be lost if you have a slow lead qualification process. It is essential that your business has a pre-qualification method to help you save time.

This is why we launched TimeSync’s Qualification Flow feature to help you qualify your leads.


What does TimeSync’s Qualification Flow do?

Qualification Flow allows users to set lead qualification questions based on their companies’ specific needs.

For example, if a company’s goal is to scale the business and is looking for bigger clients, a qualification question they can ask the lead questions regarding company size. These can include questions like “What is your company size?”, “How many employees do you have?”, or even “How many countries do you operate in?”.

Within TimeSync, you can also decide what options are available for the lead to choose to reply to your question.

The “Action” option will decide where the lead will be directed based on the options they choose.



How to use TimeSync’s Qualification Flow?

TimeSync is the only meeting scheduler that is designed for remote work. Like other schedulers, it is integrated with your calendars and allows you to generate a meeting link for the other party to choose a time slot based on your availability.

However, that’s not its only function.

Generate Embeddable Link 

TimeSync can also be embedded into your website for interested leads to schedule appointments with your sales reps. You can do this by generating an embeddable link. 




Customize your qualification questions

By now, we’ve already established the importance of using the right pre-qualification questions to filter for the right leads. This is important as it can help you achieve your business goals.

Here are some other examples of the types of qualification questions that you can use:

1. BANT basic framework

You can use the budget, authority, need, and timeline (BANT) framework to create your qualification questions.

BANT is a framework designed to determine how qualified a lead is to for your business. Before creating your lead qualification questions, ask yourself the following questions as a guide:

  • B – How much money is the lead willing to spend on your software?
  • A – Can the lead on the call make buying decisions?
  • N – Is my solution the best tool to address the lead’s business needs.
  • T – Which lead needs your solution most urgently

2. Business Function

Perhaps your solution was designed to resolve business problems for those in the marketing department. However, over the course of your business, you have wasted a lot of time on unqualified leads from say, the IT department.

To reduce the time spent on speaking to unqualified leads from the wrong departments, you can include questions that ask them which business function they are from.

3. Country of operation

Sometimes, a lead from another country schedules a call with your sales rep only to find out that your software doesn’t support his or her country of operation. Perhaps it was due to a lack of language options. Perhaps it was due to your software not meeting the requirements of local regulations.

Regardless of the actual reason, having questions that help filter out leads from countries that your solution does not support is important.

Check out Hubspot’s website if you need more tips on how to create lead qualification questions! They recently published a detailed guide on how you can create a comprehensive list of pre-qualification questions


Benefits of creating lead qualification flows with TimeSync

Reduce time spent on communicating with unqualified leads

As the tool filters out the unqualified leads, you can now be more focused on responding only to the qualified ones.

Use this feature along with TimeSync’s main scheduling function to completely eliminate the use for back-and-forth emails to fix a call with a qualified lead.

Improve customer experience

You now only engage with qualified leads who do not spend too much time scheduling a simple call or meeting. As a result, you help streamline the entire communication process.

This helps to make the entire customer journey a lot smoother and creates a better experience for your leads.


Getting Started

Spend time only with the right leads today with TimeSync! TimeSync’s basic plan is currently available for free.

The Pro Plan which comes with Qualification Flow and other features costs only $7!

If you would like to find out more about TimeSync, get started with us today!


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