Novocall Features

Schedule Calls, Automate Dialling

Seamless call scheduling when you’re unavailable, and automate dialling at your prospects’ scheduled times.

Schedule Calls Seamlessly

Novocall helps you schedule calls, and automate the calls as well.

Automate your scheduled calls

Already use scheduling software like Calendly or Hubspot?

Novocall goes one step further.

Aside from automated appointment scheduling, Novocall automates the phone dialling as well, saving your sales reps basic grunt work time. 

call scheduling app

Manage your appointment scheduling experience


Round Robin

Automatically distribute meetings to your team based on availability, priority or equity.


Call Intervals

Control how long you want your call slots to be.

Buffer Time

Allow yourself extra time to prepare by adding time before a call can be scheduled

Native Integration to Google Calendar

Novocall’s call scheduling tool connects to your sales team’s Google Calendars to pull meeting times, availability and book calls more easily. 

By sitting on top of your call reps’ calendars, phone calls with your prospects will be made when both parties are available. 

Even more powerful scheduling features

Timezone Detection

Display availability in visitor’s timezone.



Add extra time before or after events.


Daily Limits

Cap the number of meetings per day.


Minimum Schedule Notice

Avoid last-minute meetings.

Use Novocall with your current business platforms

Calendar Integration

Works with your Google calendar so you’re never double booked.


Ad Platforms

Track conversions and retarget through Facebook Pixel or Google Pixel integration.

Attribution & Analytics

Attribute calls to your marketing campaigns through Google Analytics.

Integrations with Existing Services

Integrate with other apps such as Salesforce and Hubspot through Zapier.

Your first 7 days are on us!

You can try out our tool for 7 days, zero commitment.

Your first 7 days are on us!

You can try out our tool for 7 days, zero commitment.

7 days trial. No credit card. Cancel anytime.