Novocall Features

Call Tracking Software

Track calls and optimize your marketing campaign performances. Make smarter decisions based on our reports and get a better understanding of what works for you.

Figure out which marketing strategies are working with call tracking and call reporting.

With Novocall’s callback software, you will be able to track all your calls, connect every phone call to its marketing source or channel and make real-time improvements to your marketing campaigns.

Call Attribution and Analytics

Our tracking report is visually tracking all inbound calls to all marketing campaigns. Call tracking service also dive into in-depth call details, metrics, and performance.

Integrated to main advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Google Analytic, and Facebook Ads. This integration make you will be able to have a fuller picture of your call marketing campaigns. 

Track your visitor’s journey when they convert

Match customer conversations to your ad campaigns and align your marketing with sales teams.

Gather your callers’ insights when they call, including:

  • Name, Number, Email
  • Customer journey, include pages they viewed
  • Marketing Campaign and Source

Powerful Call Reporting

Did you know 40% of search-related sales conversion convert on the phone? Novocall provides powerful call tracking metrics reporting to provide full visibility into your customer.

Call reporting allows marketing teams to follow their customer journeys from marketing source, to phone conversation, to conversion.

Call Tracking for Agencies

Are you a digital marketing agency? Provide call tracking and call reporting for your clients easily with Novocall. Our callback software caters to agencies.

Several powerful agency level features include:

  • Multi-client accounts
  • Client account-creation
  • Agency performance reports by clients
  • Client performance reports.  

Use Novocall with your current business platforms

Call Recordings

Record calls to monitor your call reps, as well as pinpointing drop-offs in sales conversations. 


Call Notifications

Receive instant call notifications with leads’ website journeys via email or Slack.

Attribution & Analytics

Attribute calls to your marketing campaigns through Google Analytics.

Integrations with Existing Services

Integrate with other apps such as Salesforce and Hubspot through Zapier.

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