SUTD admissions greatly improved their customer service and increased productivity.


Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is the fourth autonomous university in Singapore with a specialisation in Technology and Design. We spoke to Kenneth, the Assistant Director of SUTD Admissions office, about his experience with Novocall.




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Company Size

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For SUTD Admissions, having a lean team that dealt with concurrent interview and outreach during peak periods meant missing some inbound calls, thus compromising on their service level. Using Novocall, their prospects are now able to self-serve and schedule call appointments, allows Admissions to ease their workload and maintain their service standards.

Challenges faced

During application season, SUTD receives a large number of phone calls from prospective students, or applicants with queries about the application process. 

As there are times where the team might not be physically at their desks due to work exigencies, these calls are inevitably missed.

In addition to service standards being compromised, scheduling/rescheduling of calls was manual and time-consuming.

Successful interactions with call scheduling

With the implementation of Novocall’s unique call management solution, the admissions team can either automatically direct calls to whoever is available, or have the enquirer schedule their call appointments based on mutual availability. 

They don’t have to worry about missed calls, since this effectively connects with all their potential leads and upkeep their service standards at all times.

“Novocall allows us to minimize dropping any call that’s important to us; because every call counts.”

Improvement of User Experience

The fuss-free connections also helped the admissions team further elevate on their service levels as they can now prepare better ahead of these scheduled calls.

Kenneth shared that after a couple of months of using Novocall, the admissions team found that enquirers who used the call scheduling system were satisfied that they were able to connect with the Admissions Office much more quickly and successfully.

“At the end of the day, if we don’t get any complaints and everyone is happy they can reach us, I think Novocall has proven its effectiveness.”

Wrapping up

Missed or dropped calls are now a thing of the past for Kenneth and his team at the SUTD Admissions office. With Novocall, they not only did away with manual call scheduling, but also gained a more positive perception of their brand with elevated customer service experience.

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