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How a Digital Marketing Agency Increased Marketing ROI for their Clients


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Blueperks is a regional Digital Marketing Agency focused on  ads services.


Marketing, Agency, B2B

Company Size

About 5 employees

Features Used

Loy is the partner of Blue Perks, a digital marketing agency. Based in Singapore, they provide small and medium-sized businesses with Google and Facebook marketing services. 


Blueperk’s client sells a hair replacement system.

The goal was simple – they hired Blueperks to generate more leads and to increase sales for their product, which meant setting up targeted ads and funneling them into a landing page for conversions. However, there was 2 challenges:

1. Lack of awareness & highly customized product.

Loy’s clients’ product is complex and often requires education and consultation via a phone call or on-site appointment. With their existing landing page with contact form and live chat, it’s not enough to provide the necessary education and personalized touch to close a sale.

2. Difficult to engage potential client

It was difficult to engage with web visitors due to the clients’ work processes. Their clients’ sales agents are not desk-bound, and constantly on-the-go. This limited Blueperk’s conversion channel to merely a contact form. Loy needed a solution that is easy for web visitors to use, engage the customer and connect to mobile sales consultant in the shortest time while the lead is highly interested.

3. Mismatch in Campaign Hours and Operating Hours.

Blueperks’ ads was activated during the night as our targeted audience were working adults. However, most inquiries that came in was after the operating hours of their client. There was a big time gap and no engagement to the leads.

“When I found Novocall, I saw that the pop-up widget helps to solve all 3 of the problems I faced.”

How Blueperks use Novocall

Loy knew that phone calls is still the best communication method for his client as it helps them explain better to their customer as opposed to email. Loy said: “When I found Novocall, I saw that the pop-up widget helps to solve all 3 of the problems I faced.”

1. Call-facilitated sales

His clients’ prospects love to call for a consult. Sales call facilitated through callback widget provides the necessary education and personalized touch to close a sale.

2. High engagement

With call scheduling features, Novocall fit into clients’ sales consultants work processes easily, while providing high engagement to customers.

With the simple widget, customers was pleasantly surprised at the quick response time and we were able to engage more and attribute conversions via calls to each marketing campaign which directly reduced our cost per lead.

3. Auto-detect and schedule after operating hours

Since their target audience were working adults, their ads were activated mostly in the night. However, this also means most inquiries came in after their client’s team has knocked off. There was a big time gap when replying leads, resulting in poor lead engagement.

Improvement & Results

Loy’s been using Novocall for close to 6 months now.

Overall, there is a permanent reduction in cost per lead of 30% every month. Loy mentioned: “I feel that this was pretty amazing for a traditional paid marketing campaign, where every percentage counts.”

“The best part about this is that the improvement not a one-off thing but consistent each month. This made our clients very happy and we were able to keep his contract for another year.”

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