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EU Holidays is an award wining tour agency offering a wide range of Europe & USA tour packages for travelers to Europe, USA, Finland, Eastern Europe and more.


Travel, B2C

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Over 100 employees

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  • Instant Callback
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  • Web Triggers

Kevin is the head of digital marketing at EU Holidays, one of Singapore’s top travel agency, specializing in Europe and USA tour packages. They were founded in 2003, and have since rose to being one of the top tour agencies in Singapore.

For Kevin, he’s been part of EU Holidays for years, and gone through their growth and transformation from a traditional tour agency to having a more cohesive digital strategy to cater to the online masses.

Challenges in converting web visitors to successful sales calls

The travel industry can often be a late adopter when it comes to technology, especially when it comes to tour agencies. It’s an industry that’s still heavily dependent on traditional marketing, sales agents and phone calls, as the element of personalized services plays a strong part in securing sale

Much of EU Holiday’s marketing efforts came from travel fairs and physical advertising. Customers usually inquired about tour packages through email or calls. On the digital front, they have a website, where they provide information on tour packages. Their website generates thousands of traffic each day. 

“Many working people call in after working hours, like 11pm, and they had to leave messages to reschedule a call. It was very manual.”

However, most of their audience, being working professionals, often often make inquiries and calls during pockets of free time during working hours, or after traditional working hours. As a result, missed calls and requests for callbacks are common. This disconnected customer journey results in a low website-to-call conversion. Kevin sees a potential to increase phone call sales by increasing his conversion rate. 

Why Novocall?

So why did Kevin decide to choose Novocall in the first place? 2 main reasons

  1. Instant callback gave EU Holidays to shorten their customer journey in contacting a sales agent.
  2. Web triggers pushes passive visitors into action, giving EU Holidays the ability to engage their leads.  more easily.

Streamlined Customer Journey

Having a low visitor to call conversion rate stemmed from a broken customer journey. By adding Novocall, it allows website visitors to request an instant callback that connects them with the company in a matter of seconds. This allows EU Holidays to instantly engage an interested customer, cutting down the steps a customer need to take for contacting them. 

Missed calls driven from after-hour calls are also reduced by Novocall’s scheduling features. By providing an option to reschedule a call during EU Holiday’s available hours, Kevin’s sales teams save time on manually rescheduling their missed calls, resulting in a more streamlined customer journey.  

By focusing on converting more passive visitors into phone calls, Kevin has been able to see an increase in qualified phone calls – that’s visitors that would have bounce from EU’s website if Novocall hadn’t caught them. 

These fixes to EU Holiday’s challenges help them increase phone call sales each month. 

Quick Results

After adding Novocall on their website for a month, Kevin has generated 100+ more successful sales callbacks, and over 200 messages and WhatsApp leads from his website. Due to the swift journey from website to sales agent, Kevin has seen an increase in sales response time by at least 10%, increased conversion rate by 15%. 

But it’s not just call leads that Novocall has helped with, it’s traffic-to-call conversion. As Kevin told us: “Without increasing my marketing budget, but my phone leads has tremendously increased, leading us to have more phone call sales.”


At the end of the day, this is how Kevin sums up what Novocall does for his sales team:

“It makes it easier for prospects to talk to people on your team, and the benefit is that you’ll see conversion rates increase both from visit-to-lead and from lead-to-customer.”

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