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Exabytes Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency was established in 2017 with aspiration to assist more SMEs in achieving their online goals. Jerrick, a Digital Marketing Manager of the agency, spoke to us about his experience using Novocall in Exabytes Digital for over 6 months.



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For Exabytes Digital, it was a case of trying something new and discovering that it could so easily improve both their inbound leads, and business processes. After a quick and easy 10 minute set-up, they experienced 3-4 times more inbound calls a month and higher quality of calls with Novocall’s Click-to-Call and Call Tracking features respectively.

Challenges faced

Being in the digital marketing arm of Exabytes Group, Jerrick tried many different software solutions to optimize his clients’ marketing ROI and processes.

One of the key marketing software was call tracking. However, the software that Jerrick used previously was not suitable. It was single-function (only for call tracking) and did not do much else. He also found that most call tracking solutions were extremely difficult and time-consuming to set up.

Additionally, even though they spent a lot on Google and Facebook ads to drive inbound leads, they were merely getting around 10 leads per month. Aside from wasted spend, this resulted in the sales team having to spend effort on outbound sales to hit their sales target.

Fast and easy set-up

After being introduced to Novocall through a Small-Medium Enterprise campaign, Jerrick decided to check out our free trial, since he figured he would have nothing to lose. He was surprised at how easy it was to set up—compared to other software he’d come across—and was done in 10 minutes. All he had to do next was sit back and monitor the results.

“Other solutions required API linking that I had to set up myself without proper guidance, which required hours of time invested. It wasn’t easy, which is why I chose Novocall with their 10 min set-up time.”

Immediate increase in leads

In fact, Jerrick didn’t even need to look into the analytics to realise that Novocall was working well for Exabyte. He received notifications of daily calls and messages that were exceeding previous rates, without any changes to their other digital strategies.

That’s why he chose to continue even after the free trial ended, going from about 10 calls a month to 30-40 inbound leads with Novocall’s Click-to-Call feature! The great jump in leads allowed the sales team to halt their outbound sales activities and focus on following up and nurturing the warmer inbound leads.

Call Scheduling for higher quality calls

While Novocall’s pop-up widget brings attention to potential customers, Jerrick feels it is the Call Scheduling feature that delivers the biggest benefit to his company.

It eases the manpower strain by scheduling calls when both sales agents and clients are able to talk. Sales agents do not have to stress over high call volumes, or take the time for manual scheduling while clients do not have to be put on hold.

This not only allows for a smoother workflow, but also enhances customer experience, which results in higher-quality calls, and consequentially more sales!

The number of warm inbound leads to Exabyte Digital’s sales team

Tracking performance of ad campaigns

Being in a marketing agency, Jerrick wanted to track the calls that his clients generated from their ads, and attribute back to their marketing campaigns.

Jerrick implemented Novocall’s call tracking feature for his clients’ ad campaigns, in order to prove whether a campaign is actually working, and allow them to direct ad budget into the ones that really matter.

While Exabytes Digital had used a dedicated call tracking software in the past, he finds much more value when a software like Novocall is not only generating leads, but also tracking calls and providing powerful analytics from a potential client’s first click to a successful conversion.


Wrapping up

While the ease of set up and exponential increase in inbound calls were things that got Jerrick excited about Novocall, he remarks that it has not only greatly helped sales, but also the sales agents in streamlining their work while appeasing more customers at the same time.

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