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iClick Media used call tracking for clients and gained 16% increase in leads 


iClick Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEM, SEO, SMM, Web Design & Web Analytics. We spoke to Terrence, the founder about how he implemented Novocall for his clients.



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iClick Media was looking for a call-tracking service that could help its clients with simpler tracking of calls and monitoring as a replacement to buying tracking numbers. However he was delighted to not only be able to track calls and data in one place but also earn new leads for his clients simply by implementing Novocall.

Challenges faced

As the founder of digital marketing agency iClick Media, Terrence employed differing solutions to help his clients. Besides Google Analytics, he also facilitated the purchasing of call tracking software and call tracking numbers with varying usage types. 

This resulted in a disarray of tracking methods for different clients, which was more challenging for him to analyze overall. Buying individual numbers also required extra cost on his clients’ end, especially with the need to purchase new numbers for each campaign.

Seamless call tracking and lead monitoring

As Terrence found out, many call-tracking companies use virtual numbers to mask over the actual numbers, for various reasons. Some of his clients however wanted their numbers to be shown and thus one service could not be catered to all his clients.

He was thus delighted to discover Novocall, which could directly link inbound visitors to clients’ own numbers and track these leads at the same time.

Novocall widget on iClick Media website

As an agent monitoring his clients’ leads, Terrence also was able to have a more unified overview of their data, and track leads from ad click all the way to conversion. This streamlined his processes and was then able to easily generate comprehensive reports for his clients.

Increased sales leads for clients

What Terrence didn’t expect, was that directly linking customers to company representatives meant faster connections, and consequently more captured leads.

He shared with us that in doing his routine Google Analytics tracking of a client, Gold Autoworks, he saw a 16% increase in leads directly from implementing the Novocall widget. Features such as click-to-call, WhatsApp integration, call scheduling and exit intent pop-ups, all helped make this possible.

“After we implemented Novocall, there’s an increase of about 16% in Gold Autowork’s leads, directly attributed to Novocall. And, if you take into consideration the price they are paying for Novocall versus the additional revenue generated, I think it all makes sense. So, that’s how we started to share this with our other customers. We get them excited and get them to come on board.”

Wrapping up

While Terrence was simply looking for a platform to help him track calls, Novocall delivered even more value with wider implementation among his clients, comprehensive collated insights and an unexpected but fully gratifying increase in leads for his clients.

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