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Klarsan is a leading water treatment engineering company. They are involved in the prepration of water for industrial, social and welfare purposes. Located in the city of Lodz, Klarsan’s factory also enables dynamic logistics and fast transport of products, while large storage space ensures immediate and trouble-free order handling.

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  • Scheduled Calls 
  • Web Triggers

Piotr is the marketing manager at Klarsan, one of Europe’s leading water treatment engineering companies.

For Piotr, he has been part of Klarsan for more than 7 years, and takes charge of marketing and customer acquisition in Klarsan.

We had a short interview with Piotr to find out more about the challenges he was facing with Klarsan, and how Novocall helped his company. 

What problem or challenge were you facing?

Previously, we used web chats (live chat) on our home page and on the online stores.

Unfortunately, we found that live chat resulted in poor engagement rates between our potential customers and our employees. Since live chat was easy to start, there are a lot of spam, and high drop-off rates when it comes to actual customer engagement.

Most of the conversations were not productive and we wasted the time of employees. Users were nervous about the long response time (even if they did not really want to use our services or buy products). 

This was not just affecting our employee’s time and productivity when it answering queries, but also affecting the conversion rates when we drive traffic to our site. 

“Many working people call in after working hours, like 11pm, and they had to leave messages to reschedule a call. It was very manual.”

How do you use Novocall?

We turned off the web chats on most of our sites and installed Novocall’s callback widget. The popup appears a few seconds after entering the site. Users can call us immediately or schedule a time for a conversation with our sales agents. They can also leave a message that goes to our mailbox. The message contains contact details such as e-mail address and telephone number which makes contact with the client much easier! 

How has Novocall helped you and your business?

We have been receiving calls only from people who are more qualified and are interested in cooperation or purchase. I found that that there was a lot more specific queries as compared to chat conversations. This way, our sales agents and employees spend less time talking to unqualified prospects, and focus on qualified prospects that has a higher chance of converting into leads and actual sales.

Our customers appreciate the simplicity of using Novocall, where they experience a more superior experience. For us, Novocall is also a convenient form of communication, and helps streamline our sales communication with customers. 

What are your improvements or results after using Novocall?

After adding Novocall on our  website, we see an average number of calls generated by Novocall to be around 100 calls per month. This translates to 100 more sales opportunities each month and a significant improvement in web conversion rates. 

Novocall is also super simple to set up, took me only 15 minutes in total to implement the widget on my site and get things going! Highly recommended.


At the end of the day, this is how Piotr sums up what Novocall does for his team and company:

“Novocall works automatically, saves time and gives us great leads.”

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