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How Loola Adventure Resort’s Lead Response Time Went From Hours To Seconds




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Loola Adventure Resort is a resort that offers a wide variety of activities, ranging from kayaking, to coconut-tree climbing, and boom-netting. They were awarded the world’s most responsible tourism operator. 

URL: Loola.net


Travel, B2C

Company Size

Over 10 employees

Features Used
  • Instant Callback
  • Scheduled Calls 
  • Web Triggers

Satnam is the director of sustainability at Loola Adventures Resort, an eco-resort in Indonesia. They offer a wide range of activities such as kayaking to boom-netting, and they are a socially conscious business, having been awarded tourism awards for responsible operations. 


How Loola traditionally receives customers digitally is through a contact form on their website. Their customers would leave their inquiry, and after Loola reply to start a conversation or schedule a call, it takes around 1 day. 

As a resort operator that is located in Indonesia, Loola gets its interest and visitors from online sources such as TripAdvisor. After initial interest from TripAdvisor, their potential customers visit Loola’s site and contact them via the form. With a long lead response time, Loola fails to engage their prospects quickly, making sales conversion challenging. 

“We needed a faster lead response time, and a friction-less way to engage our customers when they chance upon our site. We didn’t want to use forms anymore, and live chat didn’t have the quick engagement of a phone call.” says Satnam. 

“We needed a faster lead response time, and a friction-less way to engage our customers when they chance upon our site.”


Satnam said it was extremely important that Loola can reply to their customers quickly before they lose interest or find another resort. Novocall ticked off his boxes of “engaging their customers as quickly as possible”.  It was crucial that Loola can reply to their customers quickly before they lose interest or find another company. Additionally, being able to track missed calls would be a bonus for them.

With Novocall, Loola’s sales team can connect to an interested web visitor within 30 seconds when they request calls through the callback widget. Furthermore, it helps Loola capture visitors that requests for calls after hours, and reschedule the calls at a specified time the next day. This allows Loola to effectively capture more potential customers even when they’re closed. 

    Before VS After

    Satnam previously mentioned Loola took about 1 day to reply a customer’s enquiry. When they replied, some of the customers will either ignore their replies or mention that they have already found an alternative. After implementing Novocall, the automated calls triggered from the widget allows Loola’s team to receive calls seconds after the customer requested.

    This significantly reduced the lead response time for Loola.

    Satnam also said tracking the calls were important. After missing a call, the call will be difficult to trace back as it’s lost in a pool of numbers. With Novocall’s Call Log dashboard, he can now see which calls were unanswered and can actively update the status of the calls after they do a follow-up, so the team will know that the follow up has been done.

    Quick Results

    LooLa is still continually working towards creating better overall user experience when visiting their website and it yields great results.

    • Reduction in Response Time from 1 day to 30 seconds
    • Increase in total number of calls received per day by 40%.


    By adding a callback widget on his website, Satnam is able to engage his web visitors faster and decrease his lead response time.

    “We lose a lot less potential leads by reducing our lead response time, thanks for swift callbacks and call tracking.” 

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