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How A Training Company Is Using Novocall to Automate Their Entire Sales Process


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WST Europa is a training and consulting company, specialized into Health and Safety at Work, 
located in Italy. They provide both classroom and online or videoconferencing courses


Training, Consulting, B2B

Company Size

15 employees

Features Used
  • Instant Callback
  • Scheduled Calls 
  • Web Triggers

Fabio is the digital marketing manager of WST Europa, a training and consulting company specializing in Health and Safety at Work. Located in Italy, WST Europa has trained more than 6,000 workers. 

Being a digital marketing manager, Fabio is constantly seeking to automate his marketing and sales processes. He knew he needed a tool that is flexible and customizable to automate his sales process.


WST Europa had various means of communicating with their customers, where customers come through some email or contact forms, asking to schedule a call at another time. Fabio said:

“This passage took us away enough time and frustration, because the workflow was not very smooth.”

With a disjointed customer journey from website visit to a phone call, it often results in miscommunication. Fabio further explained: “At the time of the telephone call the customer was not always ready to speak, or he didn’t indicated his contact details or they were incorrect.”. 

Fabio felt that there was a need to streamline his customer’s journey and increase his team’s productivity.


Understanding his needs for making his customer channels more efficient, Fabio saw that Novocall callback software suited his needs. 

After adding the callback widget on WST Europa’s website, it allows their customers to automatically enters his phone number and the time that he prefers to be called. Fabio’s team no longer need to check their emails and manually schedule a call with their customers, increasing the efficiency of the workflow and the customer satisfaction.
(Learn more about Novocall’s Call Scheduling here!)

Furthermore, by directly connecting website visitors to sales agents through a phone call, Novocall helps Fabio streamline his sales process by cutting down the number of steps it takes to close a client.


WST Europa already had a large number of calls per month, but needed a streamlined operations to increase output. With Novocall, it allows Fabio to “facilitate the re-contact of customers who wanted to be contacted directly by us.” 

After implementing Novocall, Fabio saw time rescheduling calls with customers drop by 25%. In addition, Novocall generated another 40 more new opportunities per month for WST Europa. 

By using Novocall, Fabio helped made WST Europa’s sale channels more efficient and effective, and he mentioned: 

“It’s a simple but powerful tool, that increase the customer confidence in us and it permits us to deliver an efficient and punctual service.”

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