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Novocall Features

Call back Potential Customers Instantly

Immediately engage potential customers and automate calls on the phone with a call back widget.

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Novocall’s Callback converts more leads into qualified sales calls.

When a potential customer fills out the callback widget or form on your site, Novocall helps qualified leads start a call conversation by dialing your call reps’ phones, or by scheduling a call on your reps’ calendars.

Automate calling through 2-way call automation 

Reduce manual dialing by your call reps and save more time getting missed calls. 

Once a prospects requests a callback, Novocall automatically calls your reps. Once they pick up, your prospects will be dialled and connected in seconds. 

You’ll spend less time dialing, and more time selling. 


Capture Leads 24/7 with Call Scheduling.

No more overnight shifts as Novocall runs on your website 24/7.

It detects after-business hours, and helps to automatically schedule call backs for your sales team the next day instead of leaving a missed call.

Receive caller intelligence prior to calls

Novocall tracks your prospects’ web behaviour, and provide them as caller insights to your sales team before the call occurs. 

Aside from basic details, your call reps can find out the web pages your prospects have visited, and their purchase intent. 

This allows sales teams to qualify and personalize their calls, improving sales conversations and conversions. 

Automate your follow-ups after the call

We understand how important follow-ups can be.

Novocall sends an automated, but personalized SMS follow-up after each call, so you don’t have to. 

By automating your follow-ups through SMS, it ensures your sales personal touch brings follows through with Novocall.

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Use Novocall with your current business platforms

Calendar Integration

Works with your Google calendar so you’re never double booked.


Ad Platforms

Track conversions and retarget through Facebook Pixel or Google Pixel integration.

Attribution & Analytics

Attribute calls to your marketing campaigns through Google Analytics.

Integrations with Existing Services

Integrate with other apps such as Salesforce and Hubspot through Zapier.

Your first 7 days are on us!

You can try out our tool for 7 days, zero commitment.

Your first 7 days are on us!

You can try out our tool for 7 days, zero commitment.

7 days trial. No credit card. Cancel anytime.