Finding a Livecall alternative?

Try Novocall for more effective callbacks

Capture more leads and convert them into sales calls to significantly increase your sales revenue

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Novocall

Over Livecall

Higher Capture Rates

We simply can capture more leads. How?

Aside from a popup widget, we have personalized greeting box that triggers more visitors to call.

Novocall also have more contact options such as WhatsApp, with more messaging apps like Messenger & WeChat coming your way!

More supporting countries

As you grow, you’ll probably look regionally or globally. Having inquiries or customers from overseas is becoming the norm.

By supporting up to 40 countries from all continent, you’ll have customers from overseas contacting you easily.

Wow your customers from overseas with a differentiated customer experience with Novocall. 


More Communication Avenues & Integrations

Some customers want to call, but others want to chat.

Novocall opens up more avenues for communication through our integration with WhatsApp and Slack.

We’re also integrated with Google Calendar to provide a more powerful scheduling experience for you.

What else can Novocall do for you?

Powerful Scheduling Features

Timezone Detection

Display availability in visitor’s timezone.



Add extra time before or after events.


Daily Limits

Cap the number of meetings per day.


Minimum Schedule Notice

Avoid last-minute meetings.

Use Novocall with your current business platforms

Calendar Integration

Works with your Google calendar so you’re never double booked.


Ad Platforms

Track conversions and retarget through Facebook Pixel or Google Pixel integration.

Attribution & Analytics

Attribute calls to your marketing campaigns through Google Analytics.

Integrations with Existing Services

Integrate with other apps such as Salesforce and Hubspot through Zapier.

Considering Livecall? Here’s a week of Novocall free, on us.

You can try out our tool for 7 days, no credit card required.