Novocall Alternatives

Looking for the best novocall alternatives?

Novocall is callback widget aims to convert the visitor to be a lead within 20 seconds. Have a multi-channel and more complete feature to execute sales call strategy.

There are 3 primary features inside, such as click to call, call scheduling, and call tracking. 

Because of that, you can convert visitor be a customer through 3 simple steps: engage, qualify, and instantly connect to web visitors through a 2-way phone connection.

1. Livecall

Convert the visitor in a simple to-do list. Install widget inside a site and using an instant callback, scheduled call, and out of office mode.

As a comparison, here is the Singapore callback software. This a widget to capture and distribute qualified sales call leads for inside sales and sales teams.

2. ConvertCall

Do you looking for a cloud-based sales and marketing solution? This is the best tools to do. Designed to manages businesses of all sizes calls, customer queries, after-sales support, leads, and more.

As a comparison, Novocall came with a different view. This is an international callback software, help the business to capture and distribute qualified sales call leads for inside sales and sales teams.

3. Calllpage

A widget to generate sales leads & calls from. This is the tools as a part of website conversion strategy.

As a comparison, Novocall is the best alternatives of Callpage. This is callback software for sales & marketing. You can make it easy to capture visitors on-site and convert them into calls and sales.

4. Lucep

A click to call software for website, which provides website pop-up callback invitation. You can increase conversion from visitor being the leads.

As a comparison, Novocall is a call tracking software that converts web traffic into qualified leads. It implements automation on leads capturing and personal follow-ups, which fasten the process of leads conversion.

5. Fonolo

Fonolo reminds me that simplicity is more important. As an online business, you won’t meet an angry visitor while on hold. This method will create a positive customer service experience.

Novocall being the best Fonolo competitors. The widget Novocall created, capturing more leads and convert into sales calls in seconds. The pricing strategy more a lot.

6. Limecall

Limecall is the alternative of novocall nowadays. It’s a call schedule widget that allows everyone to convert visitors into sales qualified leads.

The limecall alternative is much. Novocall is the best choice ever. Had a powerful call schedule widget, novocall will capture visitors and convert them into calls and sales.

7. Callback Tracker

 Callback Tracker is the tool for marketing communication being profitable. You can transfer a visitor to reach your business using multi-channel, such as callback, live chat, email, text message, and Whatsapp.

The callback trackers’ alternative is novocall. The widget is a web-based call back widget. The aim of Novocall is the same as the callback tracker.

“We saw an increase of +55% from Novocall’s callback software conversions. Some of them were pleasantly surprised to get connected so quickly!”

X.Y Ng

VP Marketing @ Validus Capital

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