Callback software

Callback software

The business has never been more accessible.

What is callback software?

Callback software has been massively used as a way to ensure the companies could reach the leads maximally.  This tool really matches the needs of small and medium businesses, especially those that rely on calls or with a mid to high touch service model.

Callback software features

Callback software has been massively used as a way to ensure the companies could reach the leads maximally. The statistic shows 63% of people would prefer a call back instead of waiting on hold.

Working hours

Set office hours in which the sales team is available.

Scheduled calls

Your prospect can order requests for later. 

Holidays & breaks

Set a specific time on holidays or a break.

Dialing time

Set the time to connect with the visitor.

Retry failed calls

Set up a callback to the visitor. The request did not take place.

Calls on dashboard

Make a call on dashboard.

Custom voice

Record and set custom voice messages

Call queuing

Hold customers on the line when the sales team is busy.

Call scheduling

Make an appointment instead of waiting on the line.

Caller ID

Choose a number to display on the prospects.


Custom SMS

Edit and personalize the SMS send to prospects.

Custom SMS Sender ID

 Send SMS using your Company Name.

How does callback software work for business?

When the prospect customer calls and waits for a long time for the answer, the automatic callback system will offer them a callback.

Visitors can leave their number if they still need the call to happen. The company will call back immediately when they have available time.


Here are main impacts of using callback software:

First contact resolution improvement

Callback software will decrease the inbound calls overall but increase the effectiveness instead. 

Increased more sales and conversion

By putting callback software on your website, your leads can fill in the form for a call based on each other’s availability.

Callback software can be reduced abandon rate

Callback software would be more efficient. The sales team could offer a callback, in case a business is in high call volumes.

Track and monitor marketing campaigns

You will be able to track all your calls, connect every phone call to its marketing channel and make real-time improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The callback software has improved the overall customer service. Not only does it increases the caller satisfaction within a call, but also does it benefits the company with a higher number of leads. By using callback software, the business has never been more accessible.

What is callback software?

Callback technology lets consumers who call into a busy business hotline to either

  1. Choose to continue waiting or
  2. Schedule a time for an agent to call them back.

Why is callback software so essential?

Callback software’s were originally introduced in the 1990’s to solve the issue of frustrated customers being put on hold when telephone agents were busy. Today, it is a mainstay of businesses which have a call centre as part of their operations.

These type of businesses can range from telcos to banks to major ecommerce operators — essentially any business where call operators can make a difference to customer satisfaction and the business bottom line.

How does callback software help call representative team?

Installed as a widget on website, this can help in generating more enquiries by prompting users to enter their phone number to immediately connect with a representative or receive a call back at their preferred timing.

How can callback tools help sales team?

Reducing Call Abandonment, Improving Customer Satisfaction. Callback software also means that customers never need to waste their time waiting in the queue (if they don’t want to). This thoughtful gesture will be appreciated by them and that contributes to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Every Lead Is Attended To. If you’re already spending money to drive enquiries for your products and services, it only makes sense to make sure that every single lead is attended to. If the leads you drive are calling and not receiving any response or answer, that’s akin to pouring money down the drain.

Raising Call Centre, Agent Productivity. Each call back request from a customer is captured in the system for agents to follow up. All they have to do is click to call and this pushes out the callback to customers quickly. This is great for increasing productivity as your call centre agents need not run through their CRM to search for customer information and details.

How are callback softwares pertinent today?

Callback software works to relieve this frustration by giving choice back to consumers.

When a consumer calls into a business hotline where all agents are busy, they are presented with two choices by the system – stay on the line for the next available agent or specify a time they would like an agent to call them back.

If the consumer chooses to stay on the line, they are placed in a virtual queue to be answered by the next available agent.

If the consumer chooses a time for an agent to call them back, their number and instructions are placed into the system for agents to follow up on.

How to instal callback software on WordPress?

In your WordPress account > Click on Plugins tab > Click on “Add New” from the dropdown menu.

Read more.

How to install callback software on Squarespace?

Navigate to the bottom of the website > Click on “Advanced” at the left sidebar menu.

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How to install callback software on Wix?

Log into your Wix account.

Navigate to “Settings” > “Tracking & Analytics” from the dropdown menu

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How to install callback software on Shopify?

Log in to your Novocall account.

Navigate to “Installation”

Copy widget code.

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“We saw an increase of +55% from Novocall’s callback software conversions. Some of them were pleasantly surprised to get connected so quickly!”

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VP Marketing @ Validus Capital

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