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Case Studies

Jerrick from Exabytes Digital – Less than 10 leads to 40 leads per month.

“We were spending a lot on Google and Facebook ads to drive inbound leads. However, we were getting less than 10 leads per month. We needed to achieve higher conversions from our ads campaigns.

We were referred to Novocall at an event, and we decided to jump on their free trial. Their software is able to help us grab the attention of our website visitors, schedule calls to our sales team automatically, ease our manpower strain of manual scheduling or missing calls.

Novocall also tracks calls from my Google ad campaigns. This allowed me to know which ad campaigns are converting to sales calls, and I can add more budget to the ones that are running well.

The results speak for themselves.

In just 1 month, my inbound leads jumped from less than 10 a month to 40 per month.

My sales guys moved from doing outbound sales to focusing on nurturing inbound leads, which bring higher conversion rates overall.”

Jerrick, Marketing Manager, Exabytes Digital



Increase your warm leads by 30%

Improve ad campaigns conversions 

Increase your clients’ marketing ROI 

Our Features

Instant Callback – Quality and instantly connect your prospects

Offer a free callback with a sales agent to interested visitors. Build customization for any page, campaigns or customer segment. 

Scheduled Calls – Stop missing calls because you’re busy

Schedule calls at a time when you and your prospects are available. Novocall integrates to Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, and automatically create a 2-way call at the scheduled time. 

Call Tracking – Optimize your ad campaigns and budgets

Track calls and optimize ad campaign performance by creating custom conversions for your Google and Facebook ad campaigns.

Integrated with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Lead Ads and Facebook Pixel. 

Facebook Lead Ads Callbacks – Improve your Facebook ad conversions 

Supercharge your lead generation by integrating Novocall callback with Facebook Lead Ads. Now potential customers can request callbacks from within Facebook itself. Works particularly well for promotions and retargeting campaigns.

Website Before Novocall

Website After Novocall

The Proof is in the Numbers

Our software is loved by over 2,000 companies around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for? Is this for my own company's use, or for my clients?

Both. Novocall works for businesses with an online presence and wants more qualified inbound leads and higher return on investment from their ad campaign spends.

What companies are successful using Novocall?

We have over 2000 businesses using our software, and a huge portion of these businesses are marketing agencies who implement Novocall’s call automation and call tracking solutions for their clients. We have numerous agencies who gave us their success stories using our platform – Exabytes, iClick Media, Reputable SEO, to name a few. These are mid-sized agencies that have found success using Novocall to drive higher ROI for their clients. 

Will Novocall work with my website?

Yes. Novocall integrates with most websites, CMS platforms and website builders like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Strikingly and more. 

Will this work with my existing CRM tool?

Yes. We have direct integrations to Hubspot CRM and Salesforce CRM, as well as Zapier and Webhooks integrations for other types of CRM. We also constantly add new direct integrations to our platform. 

If I am an agency, how do I manage my clients who installed Novocall?

For our agency users, we have an agency dashboard that allows you to create and manage the account and settings of your clients, as well as billing. 

What are the countries do you currently support?

We currently support 42 countries. You can find the exact list of countries that we currently support here.

What type of support do you offer?

We offer live chat and email support, as well as an extensive and frequently updated knowledge base. We also have a facebook group to support you.  

How long does it take to setup Novocall?

Our app installs in a few clicks. Most of our users set up fast, with time ranging from 5 mins to 30 mins.

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