11 Viral WordPress plugins to drive traffic to your website or blog

Click-bait worthy posts, guests posts, social media marketing…You have tried all you can to make your website traffic increase but the results aren’t showing and your sales are declining. This is actually a pretty common problem faced by businesses.

In order to help your website go viral, we will be sharing 11 WordPress plugins that will help you attract more web visitors and increase your sales!

#1 Referral Candy

According to Nielsen, a person is 4 times more likely to purchase a product when referred by a friend. This is because it has been tested that his/her friend had a positive experience with this product/service. Hence, in order to increase the number of web visitors and sales, referral candy would be an extremely useful tool for you!

By simply subscribing to Referral Candy, customized referral links will be generated for your customers so that they are able to share the product with their friends and gain rewards. This will help to increase your web traffic as friends that are referred will be inclined to find out more about your product or even purchase it! A monthly report will also be generated by referral candy for you to assess the effectiveness of the Referral Candy tool.

#2 Optin Monster

You might not know but over 70% of the website visitors actually never return after leaving your blog. This means that if you have failed to convert them on your first attempt, you will most likely not have second chance to do so. This is definitely a loss for your company because if your company could follow up with these visitors, more opportunities to engage and convert them will be secured.

In order to recapture these web visitors, we highly recommend Optin Monster that build its name for being a user-friendly form builder in the business world. They have a range of attractive gadgets such as welcome gates, scroll triggered boxes, sidebar, pop-ups form and many more that will help to encourage the web visitors to subscribe, increasing your email list. As a result, your company will have more returning web visitors and increased conversion rates.

#3 Leadin

In order to increase web visitors, it is important to know what exactly attracts your prospects instead of aimlessly creating more content and trying out new interfaces. Leadin is a powerful plugin that helps to track your web visitors’ behavior. By observing web visitors’ behavior, your company will be able to improve on its web page to attract more potential customers and increase conversion opportunities. In addition, Leadin will also help to organize any leads converted into a contact list so that you will be able to do any follow up where necessary.

#4 Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, in short, is currently one of the highest mentioned topics. With the fast-moving technology, almost everyone is able to access the internet, and this access has made it significantly easier for consumers to do their product research before purchasing them. According to RetailDive, more than 65% of consumers do their product research online before purchasing them. The overwhelming number of competitions will drown your product information. So it is important that your website has information that is structured and contains content that is relevant to your consumers.

YoastSEO is able to help you with its set of comprehensive tools. You will be able to easily optimise your keywords, check the readability of your pages, prevent duplicate contents and do many other things.

#5 Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a must for all WordPress websites. When there is a broken link on your website, it will inform you about it.

Why is this important? A link leads you to a website, and when a website is broken, it does not reflect well on your website. So this means that a broken link will not be good for SEO. A broken link will cause the search engine (Google), to think that your website is outdated.

Since we are always hyperlinking references, we may forget about it in the future and not realise that those links have become outdated. But with Broken Link Checker, it checks the links for you!

#6 WordPress Popular Post

The people who are reading your articles are probably of the same demographic. What does this mean to you? It means that most of them will probably share the same interest. So, by sharing with your readers what the most popular articles that have been posted, makes it easier for them to access the popular posts, keeping their attention.

WordPress Popular Post helps you display your most popular post. By showing these posts, it encourages readers to be more engaged, making them stay on your site longer.

Apart from just showing popular posts based on total views, you can also customise your popular list based on the number of comments, likes, shares, or average views per day.

#7 WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Other than an interesting post that keeps your readers on your website, there are other things that can do the same. One example is is WordPress Viral Quiz. Why are quizzes so popular these days? Because these quizzes are made to be easy for sharing their results on social media. So, the share you get for the quiz, the bigger the presence of your website.

Apart from web presence, quizzes can serve another purpose as well, email acquisition and lead generation. Many quizzes leverage the results to collect emails. In order to receive the results, you are required to input your email address. As much as it is a turn off for people to key in their email address, most will still do it because of the amount of time they have already invested in the quiz.

#8 Viral Sign Ups

Although this plugin also gathers emails as its main function. The execution method is slightly different. Viral Sign Ups, leverages on referral. When the reader has made a certain number of referrals, they will receive a reward (that you specified).

Viral Sign Ups works by providing each user a unique set of URL to promote your website. For each time someone signs up through the URL, the user will receive a notification to remind them how many people they need in order to reach their reward.

#9 Battle Vote Plugin

What stirs controversy? The difference in view or opinion. When one person feels strongly about something, they will fight for it till the end. So how can you drive traffic to your website? Make a poll on it! Take for example, “Apple VS Samsung” allow people to vote, many people will have such strong opinion that they will want their side to win. In order to win, they need more votes. This will lead them to share the poll with their peers bringing in more traffic to your website.

Battle Vote Plugin is a simple tool that allows you to create such content. Apart from using it for the joy of the users. This plugin can also serve as an opinion gathering tool. When you are in a dilemma in choosing between option A or B for your website, let your users decide it for you!

#10 Jetpack Plugin

Whenever it comes to website design, people start to think of HTML, CSS, or coding in general. However, there are many tools out there that allow you to do it completely code free!

Jetpack is one of them. Jetpack Plugin promises a code-free customisation with over hundreds of WordPress designs to choose from. Apart from that, you are also able to embed rich contents such as media and videos seamlessly.

In addition to the code-free customisation, Jetpack plugin also has an analytics function that allows gives you an insight of site traffics and successful posts, which helps you to craft contents in the future.

#11 Pay with a Like

People will not just share or like your page by just you asking them. Why not provide your users with something in exchange for the like. When there is an incentive in doing something, people are more likely to do it. Moreover, it is free for the users to give a like, making it much more enticing for them to give you the like. While on the flip side, the more likes you gain, the more publicity, and presence you have.

Pay with a Like allow you to have an exchange with your users, 1 Like for access to the demo video. This plugin also works with any platform as it provides you with a guide on how to customise the CSS to create a seamless fit to your website.

Written by

JJ Huang

JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

Written by

JJ Huang

JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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