Novocall – A Faster Alternative to Lucep

Novocall is an excellent Lucep alternative with more advanced features and affordable pricing.

5 Reasons Why Companies Use

Novocall VS Lucep

Reason #1

Novocall provides automated callbacks for faster connection

The need for speed and quick response time in customer engagement is important. While Lucep’s Click-to-Call sends leads directly to your sales agents to follow-up, Novocall brings you one step further. We automate your calls. 

This means much faster engagement customer engagement, as fast as 20 seconds. 

Qualifying feature

Reason #2

Novocall is more than just Click-to-Call

We understand the multi-channel approach that you need to keep customers engaged. While Lucep only does Click-to-Call, Novocall has multiple user engagement features, ranging from calls to messaging to video. 

  • Call Automation: Callback in 20 seconds
  • Messaging: Whatsapp, Messenger, Line, Telegram
  • Meeting Scheduling: Google & Outlook Calendar
  • Video Conferencing Integration: Zoom & Google Meets


Qualifying feature

Reason #3

Connect to customers in more countries (up to 42)

Because Novocall is built for growing companies, we understand the need for communicating with prospects and customers from all around the world. Novocall connects you with 42 countries. 

Learn more about the countries we support here.


Qualifying feature

Reason #4

Track leads and sales activity right to its source

Our dashboard comes with in-built tracking and provides richer insights to your leads. Discover sources from marketing campaigns, UTM sources, recordings and transcription. 

Qualifying feature

Reason #5

Integrations with your business tools

Because Novocall is built for salespeople and marketers, we understand the modern tech tools you use, and we’ve built integrations that will help you.

With Novocall, you can work seamlessly with your CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, office tools like Slack, Flock and Microsoft Teams, video-conferencing like Zoom and Google Meet. 

Qualifying feature

A Side-by-Side Comparison on Why Novocall is A Better Option to Lucep

Novocall Lucep
Automated Callbacks
Connect to Lead Forms
Multiple Calendars
Multiple Languages
Website Embed
White Labelling
Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Microsoft Teams
Facebook Pixel

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