Never miss a sales call lead ever again.

Novocall helps your team focus on doing the work they need to do, by automating mundane, outdated traditional calling processes like logging, dial-to-call and scheduling.

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Never miss a sales call lead ever again.

Novocall helps you capture and distribute qualified sales call leads for sales teams, freeing up their time to actually sell. 

You want to your company to be more efficient in sales.

Managing a business is difficult, especially when it comes to sales processes.

What’s frustrating is that your team’s time is spent on administrative tasks like scheduling calls.

Novocall helps your company be more efficient, by automating your sales call processes and handing off marketing leads to sales more easily!

Automate Scheduling and Meetings

Calls are scheduled and dialed when you’re not busy.

Hand-off leads to the right department easily

Route & distribute marketing leads to the relevant departments.

Qualify Sales Calls

Learn about your caller before the call, qualify them and personalize.

What Novocall Does

1. Capture Prospects

Engage interested web visitors, and offer them a free callback through our widget.

2. Qualify and Personalize

Qualify your leads before the call and only engage the serious buyers.

3. Connect Customers

Instantly connect to your web visitors through a 2-way phone connection.

Thousands of salespeople around the world already use Novocall

“Novocall helps us streamline our customer sales communications and increase my team’s productivity.” 

Xavier Murtagh

Founder – McGregor Murtagh

Novocall integrates right into your existing sales & marketing stack so you can get up and running in minutes.

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