Omnichannel Chat for Sales Communication

Let your customers communicate with your business on any messaging app – WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, Telegram and more.

Omnichannel Chat Dashboard and Widget

Here’s how we help you have better sales conversations 👇

One central inbox for your business

Aggregate every message from every channels in 1 single centralized dashboard, while still allowing your customers to chat with their preferred channels. 

✔ Unified thread – Communicate across different channels

✔ Pass conversations to different reps with flexible assignment features

Omnichannel Chat Dashboard
Omnichannel Chat Widget

Turn static pages into dynamic conversations

Let customers communicate on your website via any messaging channels. Convert your homepage into a customer capturing engine. 

✔ Talk to visitors immediately, answering questions and creating sales opportunities

✔ Let customers choose where they want to talk, with their preferred app

Omnichannel Chat Widget

Connect to all the messaging apps you use

Support conversations on the most widely used communication channels out there

✔ WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, Telegram and more

✔ Integrates to Voice and SMS via NovoCaller

Omnichannel Channels
Omnichannel Chat Widget

Enable calls directly from your site

With native NovoCaller integration, customers can call you from your website or widget directly. Use inbound calls to convert on-the-fence leads by building rapport.

All calls will be logged, and becomes part of your customers’ journey. 

Omnichannel Chat Widget

What you can do with NovoChat

69% of prospects have accepted cold calls from businesses

Lead Capture

Converse with leads and capture their contact information

69% of prospects have accepted cold calls from businesses

Lead Nurture

Send relevant information and nurture qualified leads

69% of prospects have accepted cold calls from businesses

Unified Data

Messages across all channels unified in a single dashboard

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A better experience for your customers and more conversions for your team. 

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