Novocall Announces US$100,000 ‘Call for Care’ Initiative to Support Frontline Healthcare Service Providers from Countries Affected by Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Call automation software company Novocall, announces today that it has set up a US$100,000 fund under its ‘Call For Care’ initiative. This will empower healthcare service providers with the capabilities to facilitate web-to-phone calls between themselves and patients in need of care. 

The initiative will enable web-to-phone calls by linking web visitors to instant or scheduled calls to a medical service provider’s direct phone number, through Novocall’s software. This will make it easier for patients with moderate-to-mild concerns, to easily call a healthcare provider ahead of time, to schedule or inquire about a planned visit or necessary purchase.

Jing Jie, co-founder and CEO of Novocall, describes the motivation behind the initiative: “I sympathized with the people at the frontlines dealing with the situation, and admire their fortitude. My team and I thought about how Novocall could help their situation, and allay people’s concerns about exposure in affected countries. We collectively decided to extend our software, at no charge, to healthcare providers. This is so that patients intending to seek care, can reach providers with ease; helping them clarify waiting times, schedules, and availability of supplies beforehand, through a quickly connected call.” 

In Singapore, one of the hardest-hit countries by COVID-19 outside of China and where Novocall is based, stimulus packages have been rolled out to support the predicted impact on the economy, and soften the impact on people’s livelihoods. Jing Jie adds “we wanted to help in our own small way, using the resources we have. Not only do we wish to show our support for healthcare workers, we want to contribute economically as well. As a business that supports global sales and marketing operations, our business is intrinsically tied to the health of the global economy. We want all countries affected, not just Singapore, to pull through. We’re hopeful that with the tireless service of the front-liners and the efforts from the government—plus additional support from businesses like ours—we will.”

Healthcare providers from any of the 26 affected countries today can register to use Novocall’s software free for a year, regularly charged at a list price of US$149 monthly and US$1,428 annually. Healthcare providers with a website can plug Novocall’s software to enable a call and messaging widget that will additionally give them insights into their visitors’ behaviors on their page, and allow for would-be patients to call for care, with just click.

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