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Call rates start from 1-2 cents a minute, allowing your team to scale your sales operations profitably. 

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What is Novocall?

Novocall is an communication platform that helps businesses drive conversations that are conversion-focused. 

We found that there are many tools in the market for customer communication, but not one geared towards helping you further your customer down the funnel and make the sale. 

Many businesses that sell high value and complex products and services generally have a tougher time selling and converting prospects.

We created Novocall because businesses shouldn’t have to spend so much money on advertising dollars or expensive sales reps. We’ll help to increase your conversion rates and get valuable calls and conversations to your sales reps.

Why use Novocall?

Novocall covers your sales communication needs.

Click-to-Call works by automating your inbound sales call funnel. We help you accelerate lead engagement so that you can reduce lead response time and get more leads on the phone to close them.

Outbound Call works by running cold call campaigns and sending engaged callers to your agents, so that your agents spend less time dialling and more time selling. 

Call Tracking works by attributing sales calls to your ad campaigns. We provide you visibility to your ad campaigns so you can optimize your campaigns better. 

Over 2,000 businesses has used Novocall to increase their revenue.

Does Novocall work with other softwares I use, like Salesforce CRM? 

Yes. Novocall has direct integrations to the common business software companies use. We integrate directly with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, where you can sync 2-ways. 

We also integrate to your ad analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Lead Forms. 

To find out the entire integrations Novocall provides, you can schedule a demo with our team. 

Do You Have Any Custom Plans?

Yes. Some companies come to us with requests for different limits. We’re here to help teams of all sizes, and you can schedule a call to discuss how Novocall can help you.

How fast can it be set up for my business?

Novocall can literally be set up in minutes and no, even non technical users will be able to set up completely.

In the dashboard, we also provide guides to common web platforms builders to guide you if you get lost.

Even better, when you sign up for Novocall, you will get access to a rep to help you and even set up for you. We will do this at no additional cost.

What’s included in your support?

We provide 3 types of support. 

#1: You will get full access to our help centre, that is filled with help articles to guide you through the common issues you might face. 

#2: Live chat support desk. We respond as quickly as we can. The owners of the company keep an eye on every question and make sure that you get a great answer in no time at all.

#3: For Business accounts, we provide dedicated call support as well. You can schedule a call with us and we’ll do whatever you can to help you. 

Do You Comply With GDPR?

Yes, we are compliant with GDPR. You can review our privacy policy and data processing agreement as well.

Are You Secure?

Absolutely. Novocall’s software follows all of industry best practices. Our data is encrypted stored in AWS servers and when being sent.

What Countries Do You Cover?

We are a global company and we support up to 42 countries with regards to call automation service and sms. 

More questions? Talk to our team.

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