Looking for a Calendly alternative?

Meet TimeSync.

Why companies choose TimeSync over Calendly to drive appointments and sales meetings

3 reasons to consider TimeSync

If you are looking for Calendly alternatives, here are 3 reasons to consider TimeSync.


We provide more for less.

Faster Communication

Connect faster with automated calls and video integration.

Better appointments

We ensure high quality meetings with pre-qualification.

The Calendly alternative at more affordable pricing.

 At US$5/month, our PRO plan includes all basic features of the calendar scheduler, while allowing you to enjoy more premium features such as SMS notifications, various customization and integrations.

Some of these functions are not provided even with Calendly’s Premium Plan, at US$10/month, and Pro Plan which goes beyond US$15/month.

With more features at a lower cost, we offer better value for your money.

Smart qualification to sell better

You can set questions for your invitees on the booking page such as company size or meeting agenda. This reduces tedious communication before appointments, while allowing you to adjust your strategy of approach accordingly; levelling up business efficiency.

You can also set options to disqualify leads who aren’t a match to your products or services, so you can spend more time on those with higher chances of converting with our Calendly alternative.

Calendly alternative that helps you communicate faster.

Automatic Calls

TimeSync reduces the time to make calls and automates your funnel for you.

When the invitee selects a time for a call meeting, TimeSync’s system will notify both you and your invitee. It then creates a phone call to both parties at the scheduled time, and automatically connects you together.

We deliver a more powerful scheduling experience for you—all automated with faster connection and improved efficiency.

Integration with Zoom & Google Hangouts

TimeSync works in tandem with your video conferencing tools, with direct integrations to Zoom and Google Hangouts. Our Calendly alternative does this for free!

Better support to users

Need a guide to better utilize the app, or encounter any problems along the way? Our support team is here to help.

We provide live chat support, so that your business can connect with us anytime, anywhere.

We also have a private Facebook group for users to receive the latest updates, as well as feedback and feature requests.

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  • Email Support
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  • Private Facebook Group for Users

Get started for free now.

Say goodbye to business friction,

and say hello TimeSync.

Get your sync on.

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Get started for free now.

Say goodbye to business friction,

and say hello TimeSync.

Get your sync on.

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