Looking for a Doodle alternative?

Meet TimeSync.

Why companies choose TimeSync over Doodle to drive appointments and sales meetings

3 reasons to consider TimeSync

If you are looking for Doodle alternatives, here are 3 reasons to consider TimeSync.

More CRM Integrations

Works seamlessly with your CRMs.

Faster Communication

Connect faster with automated calls.

Better appointments

Ensure high quality meetings with pre-qualification.

Pre-qualification feature to improve efficiency

You can set questions for your invitees on the booking page such as company size or meeting agenda. This reduces tedious communication before appointments, while allowing you to adjust your strategy of approach accordingly; levelling up business efficiency.

You can also set options to disqualify leads who aren’t a match to your products or services, so you can spend more time on those with higher chances of converting.

This feature is not available in Doodle’s highest priced Enterprise plan, aimed at larger businesses, where this is most necessary.

More CRM Integrations

Connect with CRMs like Hubspot & Salesforce.

Since customer satisfaction is essential for businesses to grow, better utilization of CRM software is important.

Our Doodle alternative integrates with more CRM software, such as Hubspot and Salesforce.

This enables you to sync your contacts, receive notifications, and follow up with your leads within CRM apps conveniently. You can provide better customer service, engage leads and capture them more effectively.

Free option, and more affordable pricing.

As a Doodle alternative, we offer a free plan for users who love our features but don’t need added functionality for teams or larger businesses.

Plus at US$5/month, our PRO plan includes more features, such as automated call activation, more native CRM integrations, and pre-qualification, at a cheaper price than Doodle’s counterpart.

With more features at a lower cost, we offer better value for your money.

Embed TimeSync into your website

While TimeSync has it’s own booking page, we understand that some businesses prefer it to appear on their website directly.

We provide you with this flexibility, simply by going to the settings page, copying the code, and adding it to your website backend. Optimization of your webpage can be this simple, with TimeSync embedded directly.

Get started for free now.

Say goodbye to business friction,

and say hello TimeSync.

Get your sync on.

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Get started for free now.

Say goodbye to business friction,

and say hello TimeSync.

Get your sync on.

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