How To Incorporate Recruitment Automation Into Your Hiring Process

Companies are now relying on recruitment automation to enhance the hiring process. Find out how you can incorporate such technology into your recruitment to efficiently gather top talent for your company.
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Automation has changed the way many businesses operate. From automating outbound calls to email marketing and social media scheduling, automation technology is also transforming the way recruiters find top talent for the company. 

Companies are now relying on recruitment automation software to enhance the hiring process. With recruitment automation, you reduce repetitive work and give your reps more time to find, interview, and assess top talents for your company

According to a study conducted in 2019, 75% of recruiters say that technology will play a larger role in their companies’ hiring process. Just imagine what the numbers are now!

That said, this article explores how you can incorporate recruitment automation software to improve the efficiency of your hiring process. Let’s dive right in! 


Benefits of recruitment automation

Improved productivity

Recruitment automation supplements a TA’s role and allows them to spend more time on decision-making and defining processes.

Instead of manually screening resumes or wasting precious time on long email threads to schedule a meeting, recruiters now have more time on their hands to optimize other aspects of the hiring process.

Reduced biasness in hiring

Using technology for screening and shortlisting candidates can negate common hiring biases to ensure that the screening process remains objective. 

This can also lead to higher diversity in the workplace. According to recruitment statistics, companies with diverse leadership teams are 33% more likely to generate above-average profitability. 

The recruitment automation process can also implement custom pre-employment tests that track diversity and inclusion metrics to ensure a more fair hiring process. 

Reduced time to hire

Just like how recruitment automation improves the productivity of recruiters, it also reduces the time needed to find, interview, and recruit the best candidates for your company.

Automating manual tasks of screening, setting up interviews, and meeting scheduling saves considerable amounts of time and effort.  

To add on, you can build an internal wiki for your company and document information like processed and procedures, company policies, and hiring processes.

Better candidate experience

Improving the experience of the candidate has a ripple effect across the hiring process and ensures the candidate doesn’t lose interest in the position. This is achieved through automated emails ensuring a streamlined process, faster responses, and lower stress of results. 

This, in turn, helps build the employer’s brand and keep the engagement scores high.

Better-qualified hiring

With increased efficiency thanks to recruitment automation, this also leads to a better-qualified hiring process. 

By using objective methods to screen, assess and hire an employee, you’re not simply hiring people who have the right experiences, but also the relevant skills to propel your business forward and personality to work with your current team.  

The candidate is then likely to be the right fit for the job and the company. This will improve employee engagement scores, reduce employee attrition, and will ensure the employee is satisfied in the long run with the job. 

6 ways to incorporate recruitment automation

Attracting the right applicants

One of the biggest challenges that recruiters face today is spending most of their time on advertising to attract the right talent. Having to manually write up a post and publish the job advertisement on each job portal is extremely time-consuming. 

Fortunately, recruiters can use recruitment automation software with programmatic job advertising to publish targeted job advertisements on various job platforms and sites. This allows for higher candidate visibility and increases talent pool acquisition.

Applicant tracking

It’s common practice among many companies for a candidate to go through several rounds of interviews. 

However, having to keep track and be up to date about each candidate is time-consuming and poses a challenge for recruiters. Hence, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) takes care of all that and more. It collects and tracks the recruitment process for each applicant throughout the process in the hiring database. 

This makes collaboration between recruiters, and hiring managers easy and saves on time. Ensuring the right candidate is not missed due to lack of follow-ups.

Pre-screening applicants

For every job post, there will always be applicants who are more qualified than others. While filtering out 2 or 3 qualified applicants is extremely doable, the problem comes when you start getting 100s of applications. 

Pre-screening tools can help tremendously here, as these tools help to rank and grade candidates according to pre-set criteria such as experience, skills, and characteristics. This helps you to narrow down applicants to ensure that only the most qualified candidates end up in your final talent pool. 

Incorporating chatbots, or virtual recruitment assistants, are also gaining popularity in the pre-screening phase. They can collect basic information from candidates without the need for human intervention.

Automate meeting scheduling

I think it’s safe to say that one of the most time-consuming stages in the hiring process is finding the right time to set an interview. 

The back-and-forth emails, the ‘Can we reschedule to a later time?’, and the ghosting is what reduces productivity and prolongs the hiring process.

Fortunately, recruitment automation tools such as TimeSync help to automate meeting scheduling to streamline the interview process. With TimeSync, you can connect with your personal and work calendars to present your availability windows. You can also set business hours so that no candidate can arrange a meeting with you after working hours. 

Furthermore, arranging team conferences with TimeSync is made easy by simply inviting another team member to the meeting at their preferred times.

TimeSync is integrated with your personal calendars. This makes scheduling for a product demo a lot easier.
TimeSync is an online meeting scheduling software

All you have to do is share your meeting link with candidates and get them to book a meeting slot with you.

Pre-employment assessments

Pre-employment assessments have become a common practice to better understand the candidate beyond just their work and educational experience. Such assessments give recruiters better insight into a candidate’s characteristics and personality.

There are several types of pre-employment assessments — some are designed to measure technical skills, whereas some test cognitive ability, personality traits, and situational behavior. 

Several recruitment automation platforms are available to automate this process and provide a seamless experience to the candidate while providing recruiters with a holistic view of the applicant.

Employee onboarding

Once you’ve hired a suitable candidate, congratulations! But it doesn’t stop here.

You have to make sure to onboard your new employee so they fit right in, especially on their first day.

Recruiting automation software can help with employee onboarding, such as sending welcome emails and assisting HR with the planning of induction and training programs.


While recruitment automation isn’t replacing the work of your recruiters, it definitely supports and supplements their workload, especially for high-volume recruitments. 

The crux lies in choosing the right tools and features to fit your company and then experiencing perks of quicker, more stable, and correct hires in the long run. 

If you need help finding the right recruitment automation tool, check out our post on the 10 best recruitment automation software

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