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We’re a small (but very capable) team with employees from all over the world working hard to help you manage your inbound and outbound calls!

More about us

We’re building a world where businesses can do and achieve so much more with automation.

At Novocall, our mission is to help businesses communicate faster and more personally with their customers.

That’s why we created a holistic call management software that streamlines conversations between businesses and leads and prospects. 

Located in Singapore, Novocall has helped thousands of businesses worldwide to communicate better. 

Our founders

Our story


How we started
/ 2018 /

Our co-founder, Han, first learned that businesses take an average of 42 hours to respond to customer queries. He didn’t think that it was something he wanted to venture into until he met Amos (concurrent Chief Technology Officer) and Jing Jie (concurrent Chief Executive Officer) in school. And that was how Novocall was born!

The funding process
/ 2019 ~ 2020 /

We don't want to sugar coat this - It was arduous. The journey to securing funds as a nobody was really tough at the beginning. The whole process took 10 months, but eventually, we got in touch with 500 Startups, and secured funding of US$500,000.

Leveraging partnerships
/ 2019 /

As a young startup, growth was hard. We lacked a strong brand reputation and a stable pool of customers. That's why we didn’t waste any time in reaching out to one of our first few partners, AppSumo. This helped us to grow our market audience between 40 to 50% in the US, especially in the property industry.

/ 2020 /

We were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the midst of it all, while our team was working from home, we launched a meeting scheduler, TimeSync!

3 babies, 1 more on the way!
/ 2020 /

While we were working hard developing our click-to-call, autodialer, and call tracking solutions, our tech team also started building NovoChat, an omnichannel communication platform. We ranked #1 on Product Hunt on the first day!

The future is bright with you
/ future /

All the challenges and milestones we've encountered so far only led us to where we are today. The Novocall team is still working hard to deliver you the best solution and experience, so do stick around to see more from us!
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Our culture

We work hard, but we also play hard!

We don’t like rules tbh, but we stay laser-focused to finish tasks.

We promote diversity, inclusivity, and commit to making everyone feel valued and heard.

We create a comfortable working environment for each of us to grow.

You are the boss of your own agenda.

We talk to each other like how we talk to our friends.


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We’re a hard-working bunch and there’s nothing stopping us from skyrocketing towards success. We focus on making an impact from day one. Are you ready to join the team?

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