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Novocall integrates with Hubspot to sync your leads between Novocall and Hubspot, and follow up on them within the Hubspot CRM.


With the Salesforce integration, you will be notified immediately of any new leads coming through Novocall, and have the option of customizing objects created on the Salesforce platform.

Facebook Pixel


With Facebook Pixel, you’ll be able to track callback conversions that came from your Facebook ads. You’ll be able to verify that  a Facebook ad converted a person who contacted the company via Novocall.

Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you’ll be able to sync you or your sales agents’ schedules with your Novocall widget’s scheduled times.

Google Adwords

With the Google AdWords integration, you can ensure a smooth marketing campaign with online-to-offline attribution.

Google Analytics

With the Google Analytics integration, gain further web insights such as data from instant and scheduled calls, WhatsApp, and messages.



With the Slack integration, you can send automated notifications of activity straight to your specified workspace & channel in real-time. No more toggling between applications to stay on top of everything!


Facebook Lead Ads


With the Facebook Lead Ads integration, Novocall will process the leads from Facebook and immediately connect your sales representative to your customer through a call.



Use webhooks alongside Novocall to extend, customize, & integrate our application with your own custom extensions, or even with other web applications.



Microsoft Teams


Receive real-time notifications regarding your calls, messages and schedules on Microsoft Teams.





Novocall integrates with Zapier so that you can connect to the apps you use every day to automate your work.



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