Manual dialing wastes your time. Start making automated cold calls today.

Eliminate manual dialling from your sales outreach process and call from anywhere in the world.

Outbound cold calling has never been easier.

Scale your sales outreach

Make sales calls faster with our auto dialer.

Make international calls

Make automated outbound calls to people in over 42 countries.

Metrics reporting

Measure and report the performance of your agents through our analytics dashboard.

Automate your sales outreach

Automate cold calls with a cloud outbound dialer

Speed up your outreach process by automating your cold call campaigns. 

  • Eliminate the need for manual work.
  • Save time that otherwise would’ve been wasted.
  • Invest that time into more important work

Novocall is the sales call software for teams.

Call Blast

Ring several phones at once, fastest fingers first.

Outreach call recording

Record your outbound cold calls to track performance or discover meaningful insights from conversations.

Manage multiple call lists at once

Import multiple call lists for different campaigns all at once.

Manage and track the performance of cold call campaigns on a single dashboard. 

Automate outbound dialing

Verify your numbers before you make outbound phone calls

Upload long lists of contacts and let the automated phone dialing software verify the numbers before each campaign.

  • No more manual and tedious number verification.
  • Automatically identify duplicate and non-existent numbers.

Your cold sales call campaign will never be disrupted by trivial human error again.

Highly customizable outbound call settings

Our automated phone dialling software allows you to personalize your call campaigns to suit your needs.

Time between calls

Customize call settings to allow yourself some time between calls to prepare for the next one.

Display caller ID

Display your number to the customer when they receive a call.

Our sales outbound call software
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