How to Use a Scheduling App for Different Industries - Tech, Education, Finance, Healthcare, and Travel

TimeSync is a scheduling app built to improve remote communications. How does it benefit various industries and business functions?
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Nigel Seah

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Telecommuting and remote work is the new normal. This means most of your meetings are conducted through video calls, scheduled carefully on your Google or Outlook calendars.

But if you have multiple Zoom meetings in a day, you’ll probably find it difficult to cope with keeping track of meetings.

That’s where TimeSync comes in, a scheduling app that automates your appointment scheduling processes.

Scheduling apps aren’t unique to specific industries or business functions. Today, we’ll look at 5 different industries and business functions that can use TimeSync.


Industry-specific applications for TimeSync

1. Healthcare Providers

Healthcare is among the most essential industries out there, and as the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, among the industries that never shuts down. Today, healthcare professionals frequently schedule appointments manually as an expected part of the healthcare service.

Healthcare providers can use TimeSync as follows:

  • Lead Nurses can schedule meetings with their staff nurses to coordinate shift work.
  • Surgeons can schedule appointments with the surgical team to run through surgical procedures.
  • Administrative staff can schedule meetings to discuss how they can manage appointments for the day.
  • Patients can fill in their conditions and symptoms before their scheduled appointments. This allows healthcare professionals to be better-informed and address these patients more effectively.
  • Better manage patient walk-ins around available timings through a booking portal

2. Education

Education plays a key role in developing the minds of children. This is why there has always been a huge emphasis placed on sending kids to school. Concerned parents may even call private education institutions to provide additional academic support to their children.

Education institutions can use TimeSync as follows:

  • Private education centers can pre-qualify leads to prevent wasting time on leads who may not engage their services.
  • Parents can schedule an automated call with the education center.
  • An automated SMS reminder will be sent to those involved in the call.
  • Parents will no longer be disappointed by a lack of response.
  • The time needed to complete the booking of consultation sessions is shortened.

3. Travel

As travel companies have learned, when a pandemic forced them to scale back operations, the need to be selective with the customers they spend time on really matters. Scheduling an appointment with a lead to help them plan their dream holiday is a common yet tedious process. They may even end up being an unqualified lead!

Travel companies can use TimeSync as follows:

  • Tour agencies can pre-qualify leads to prevent wasting time with callers who may not engage their services
  • The communication process between the lead and the agency is shortened by using automated calls.
  • Leisure expenditure is one that needs to be captured quickly as it’s an emotional purchase over a logical one. Making scheduled, quick and seamless appointments helps capture intent while it is hot.

4. Finance Companies

Financial services are some of the most essential yet complicated among all others. Those who engage in financial services often find themselves bombarded with technical industry jargon and complex administrative processes. Calls often need to be made with financial advisors so that customers can make the right decisions.

Finance companies can use TimeSync as follows:

  • Scheduling calls are now made easier as TimeSync can be integrated with the financial advisors’ Google and Outlook calendars.
  • Financial service providers no longer need to feel the frustration of clients not picking up as automated SMS reminders will be sent to participants of the call.

5. Software Companies

Software companies create products to address a specific need that businesses have. Very often, they use outbound techniques to reach out to potential clients and schedule sales appointments. They end up spending too much time communicating back and forth with a prospect, only to realize that the prospect is an unqualified lead.

Software companies can use TimeSync as follows:

  • You can pre-qualify your leads by setting screening questions.
  • Your customers will have a smoother customer journey as calls are automated.
  • This can help your company close the deal before your prospects reach out to competitors.
  • Your active users can schedule calls with your company to request for upgrades or support chats within their dashboards.

How TimeSync works within company departments in a business

1. Product Teams

The product team’s work is never done. Customer feedback on the user experience must be collected routinely. Qualitative data gathered can then be used to improve your company’s products and services.
Product teams can use TimeSync as follows:

  • You can easily schedule and automate calls with customers to conduct after-sales support.
  • Your product team no longer wastes time on back-and-forth emails just to confirm an appointment.
  • You can better manage your customers as TimeSync is also integrated with CRM tools.

2. Marketing Teams

Inbound Marketing teams spend too much time qualifying leads using information collected from your website, social media, or email subscriptions.

Marketing teams can use TimeSync as follows:

  • Lead qualification is sped up by allowing you to set pre-qualification questions based on your needs. This helps weed out unqualified leads before a sales meeting can be scheduled.
  • You can be more strategic with campaigns as TimeSync is integrated with Google Ads and Facebook Pixels, making lead attribution easier.

3. HR Teams

HR teams frequently need to schedule appointments with job applicants to have a face-to-face interview. This is an often time-consuming process.

HR teams can use TimeSync as follows:

  • You eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails to schedule appointments as TimeSync is integrated with your calendar.
  • Remote hiring is made possible as TimeSync is integrated with video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts.
  • You reduce no-show rates as an automated email and SMS reminder will also be sent to attendees.

4. Customer Service Teams

Response time is key when it comes to customer service. Having long wait times before your customer is connected to your customer service staff is sure to decrease customer satisfaction.

Customer service teams can use TimeSync as follows:

  • Your customers no longer have to wait a long time when calling you as TimeSync’s instant callback feature allows your sales reps to quickly respond.
  • Further improve your customer service as TimeSync allows customers to provide information about their problems before calls. This gives your Customer Service teams more time to prepare in order to provide personalized service.

5. Business Development Teams

Expanding your network of partners is one of the most important strategies in business. Business Development teams need to frequently schedule meetings with potential partners.

Business development teams can use TimeSync as follows:

  • Your calls are automated, allowing partnerships to be formed remotely.
  • The scheduling process is simplified as TimeSync is integrated with your calendar, allowing your potential partner to simply click an available slot.

TimeSync makes meetings simple

TimeSync is designed to eliminate barriers in conducting business, by making it simple to conduct conversations with leads, prospects, customers, partners, and even internal teams. It does away with a task that has until recently, been a manual one.

TimeSync’s hallmark call-back automation technology makes it unique amongst competing solutions that do not have this built-in.

Coupled with meeting qualification, and soon, password-protected calendars, TimeSync is uniquely positioned to be beneficial to even the most demanding use cases that someone would need in a scheduler.

Get started with TimeSync for free to start scheduling remote meetings now!

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