ScheduleOnce VS Acuity Scheduling: Which Should You Use?

Looking for a scheduling software for your appointments? If you’re deciding between ScheduleOnce and Acuity Scheduling, read on to find out which is the ideal choice for you!
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Since you’ve clicked into this article, you’re probably looking for a scheduling software, and a great one at that. While there are several scheduling software out there, you would have come across ScheduleOnce and Acuity Scheduling

But, even though they are leading scheduling software in the market, there might still be factors that make one better than the other. 

So which one is better for you? Which should you choose for your business?

In this article, we do an in-depth analysis and comparison of both software to help you come to a conclusion. Let’s dive right in!


ScheduleOnce VS Acuity Scheduling

While both of these apps provide their users with all the basic scheduling, there are some notable differences in other aspects which we’ll discuss in the next section. These factors include:

  • Ease of use: Can a complete beginner to scheduling tools use it?
  • Scheduling features: Which of these have more features and are they useful?
  • Third-party integrations: Which of them offers better or more integration options?
  • Customizable: Do they let their users customize their booking pages or widgets?
  • Value: Does the software deliver great value for the price paid?

Ease of use

Managing a business is a challenge in itself, let alone taking time out of your schedule to learn to use a software. After all, the software should help to facilitate business processes, so it shouldn’t be that time-consuming to learn.

For starters, joining either of the software is pretty simple. You just have to create an account using your email address or Facebook, and you can start using it.  

Coming to the interface, both of them have intuitive interfaces where all features are displayed clearly. At a glance, you can view the date, timeslots, and meeting duration of all your appointments. 

Even if you’re not digitally inclined, ScheduleOnce and Acuity Scheduling are a breeze to learn and use on a daily basis. 

✏️ Which is better: Tie — both are easy to use

Scheduling features

As mentioned, both of them are market leaders and as a result, offer similar types of features to their users. However, when it comes to the number of features, Acuity Scheduling has the advantage. 

Here’s a quick list of what they offer:

A comparison of features that ScheduleOnce and Acuity Scheduling offer

As you can see, Acuity Scheduling offers 11 scheduling features while ScheduleOnce only 9 features in their plans. The latter is missing features like client database and mobile access, which can affect your scheduling process. 

✏️ Which is better: Acuity Scheduling

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations are a must-have. Not only will it help you do things faster, but it’ll also reduce the chance of errors. You can connect with Analytics apps, CRM, and video conferencing software to enhance the appointment scheduling experience. 

And since you’ll have everything connected, you’ll be able to automate many processes.

Both the software offer plenty of integration options like Zoom, Google Meet, Salesforce, InfusionSoft, and many more.

However, Acuity Scheduling has a lot more to offer. For instance, they offer integrations for:

  • Cloud-based accounting apps like Intuit Quickbooks and Freshbooks
  • Client Engagement programs like ReferralCandy and Reviewrail

Besides that, Acuity also offers 3 payment options — PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

✏️ Which is better: Acuity Scheduling


I think you’ll agree with me when I say that whether it is a standalone booking page, a booking form, or just a simple notification, it should represent your brand. 

You must be given the option to customize all these to maintain brand consistency and provide a good booking experience for your clients. 

Both ScheduleOnce and Acuity Scheduling offers all basic features in regards to the theme of your booking page. Using an in-built interface, you can customize fonts, colors, buttons, images, and more.

That being said, if you are an experienced coder, Acuity offers an ‘advance CSS’ feature where you can insert codes to further customize even the smallest details. 

Still, ScheduleOnce has the upper hand here because, in addition to theme styling, it also offers:

  • Custom booking pages
  • Custom domain branding
  • Custom email/SMS notifications 
  • Content localization (7 Languages to choose from)

✏️ Which is better: ScheduleOnce 


Let’s discuss the factor that may have the most influence on your decision — the perceived value of the scheduling app. 

Let’s take a quick look at each of their plans and prices.


Starter: Free for 3 users
Growth: $10/month
Enterprise: Custom pricing depending on company size

Acuity Scheduling:

Emerging: $14/month for 1 user
Growth: $23/month
Enterprise: $45/month

It’s evident that ScheduleOnce is the more affordable option here, at $10 per month for their Growth plan. 

When you look at the features they offer, there are some advanced features included in Acuity’s Emerging plan, since it starts paid whereas ScheduleOnce has a free plan. However, the features offered are similar to ScheduleOnce’s Growth plan, which you can get at $10. 

To add to that, ScheduleOnce’s Growth plan offers more than just scheduling — it has lead engagement features like ChatOnce, FormOnce, and SubmitOnce to support business activities. 

✏️ Which is better: ScheduleOnce 

Customer Support

Customer support is a major deciding factor when buying online software, since most of us aren’t an expert at all this, it is necessary to have a reliable community to ask for help. 

For their basic plans, both software offer forums, webinars, and FAQs. For the rest of the plans, Acuity Scheduling offers one additional support feature: 24/7 email support while ScheduleOnce offers 2 additional support options: 24/7 email support and 24/7 live chat support.

✏️ Which is better: ScheduleOnce

With SchedulOnce leading with a score of 3, it’s evident that it’s the better choice compared to Acuity Scheduling. But before you make a decision, let’s look at another scheduling software, TimeSync.

What is TimeSync?

TimeSync is an appointment scheduling software that allows you to schedule bookings with a 100% meeting rate.
TimeSync is an appointment scheduling software that allows you to schedule bookings with a 100% meeting rate.

TimeSync is an appointment scheduling software designed for small to medium-sized businesses that offer premium features at an affordable price.

TimeSync provides your clients the option to book a meeting with you through a booking page, booking form, and CTAs. TimeSync’s standout feature is its qualification flows, where you can set custom questions to filter qualified clients. 

Additionally, you can send them customized reminders through WhatsApp, SMS, and emails. 

TimeSync offers 2 plans, a free plan and a Pro plan. For $7 a month for the Pro plan, you get many premium features that include automated reminders and follow-ups, customization, conversion tracking, and payments. Also, some third-party integrations you can expect include PayPal, Stripe, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and many more.

ScheduleOne VS Acuity Scheduling: Which should you pick?

In this battle between ScheduleOnce vs Acuity Scheduling, which one is best for you?

ScheduleOnce would be a good option as it allows seamless scheduling at a low price point. It offers a free plan for up to 3 users, while still offering sufficient features for basic meeting scheduling. 

On the other hand, TimeSync would make an excellent option for reducing no-shows and ghosting, on top of being able to schedule appointments easily. If you communicate heavily on WhatsApp, this tool is the one for you! It’s also more affordable compared to ScheduleOnce and Acuity Scheduling. 

Get started with TimeSync today to experience what seamless scheduling should look like!

Devesh Pinjani
Devesh Pinjani

Devesh is a content writer at Novocall.

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