Buy a virtual phone number for your business

Novocall provides you with virtual business phone numbers from the USA. Legitimize your calls in local markets, route calls to different teammates, and more.

Increase your call pickup rates

People are four times more likely to answer calls from a local number.

Using a local virtual number reduces distrusts locals feel towards your business.

Build trust among your US customers, improve pickup rates, and legitimize your business as a player in the local markets.

Receive and make calls to over 40 countries

Local numbers: Use local US virtual numbers to make internal business calls to 43 countries. You can buy virtual numbers for WhatsApp and SMS too.

Set up multiple call teams: Set up multiple numbers for different teams or different purposes.

Maintain your privacy

Mask your personal number: No longer will unwanted calls be directed to your personal phone number. 

Works on your existing devices: No need for a separate ‘work phone’. Connect your personal devices with a local virtual number and start making and receiving business calls.

Route inbound calls to teammates

Leads who call your virtual business phone number get automatically routed to an available member on your team.

With Novocall’s lead distribution technology, you can distribute leads based on personalized settings such as location, language preferred, as well as your sales reps’ availability.

Improve the customer experience by matching your leads with the best-suited representative.

Track your calls

Use your virtual numbers to track inbound calls and attribute them back to your ad campaigns.

Gain qualitative insights into your campaigns and improve performance visibility. 

Make data-driven marketing decisions and optimize your best-performing campaigns.

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