Convert site visitors into sales calls with our click to call widget

Novocall adds a click to call functionality onto your website to automate instant calls and scheduled callbacks.

The click to call solution for business websites

From SaaS solutions to travel packages, we offer a suite of call features to support the online sales of all your products and services.

Make international calls

Connect with customers from overseas. Available in over 42 countries.

Get started within minutes

Simply create an account and embed the code onto your website to activate your click to dial software.

Auto follow-up

Automatically follow up on your missed calls at a pre-set time.

Generate more leads

Connect with your leads instantly

Improve your inside sales with our click to call solution.

Simply key in a phone number into the software on your website and just click to call 🖱️ Your sales reps can immediately respond to their queries. 

Integrated with Facebook Lead Forms

Integrate click-to-call features to your Facebook Lead Forms and capture leads from another source – your Facebook ads.

Cast a wider net and reach out to a wider audience today.

Scheduled callbacks

Not just click to call — You can schedule callbacks too

Novocall also functions as a callback widget. Your leads can schedule an automated callback at a later time if your sales reps are unavailable. Say goodbye to missed calls.

Integrated with personal calendars

Novocall integrates with Google and Outlook calendars. Your leads can only schedule calls at your sales reps’ available timeslots.

Call recording

Record your calls to track performance or discover meaningful insights from conversations.

Set business hours

Set your working hours so you never get after-work calls.

Automated notifications

Pre-call automated SMS and email notifications help to reduce no-show rates significantly.

Advanced lead routing rules

Say goodbye to a poor sales experience

After clicking to call, your leads are assigned a sales rep based on your preferred lead routing rules.

Assign leads to sales reps based on language, location, sales reps’ availability, and more. 

Improve the customer experience by assigning them to the most-suited sales rep.

Take actionable steps to grow your business

Make analytical decisions with our powerful dashboard

Novocall’s dashboard helps you gain deep and meaningful insights into your team’s performance.

Visualize your sales reps’ call journeys’ and help them improve call success rates.

Our click to call and callback system works
with the tools you love

Ready to get started?​

Get started with Novocall’s suite of call management features. Start turning your conversations into conversions.