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Novocall’s call scheduling feature delivered the biggest benefit to Exabytes.

It helped to ease manpower strain by scheduling calls when both sales agents and clients are able to talk. Sales agents do not have to stress over high call volumes, or take the time for manual scheduling while clients do not have to be put on hold.

This not only allows for a smoother workflow, but also enhances customer experience, which results in higher-quality calls, and consequentially more sales!

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Upon implementing Novocall, they received a 600% increase in inbound calls, going from 15 calls a month to 90 calls. It’s not just a rise of calls, but also an increase in personalized attention.

Because of the ease of making calls and the timeliness of the connections made, White Jacobs has seen an increase in approximately 15% in revenue simply from Novocall’s click-to-call widget.

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