Ecoperla skyrockets their sales calls by 100+ in 1 month

Picture of Piotr Leśniak
Piotr Leśniak

Marketing Manager




Company size

11 - 50 employees

Founded in



Łódź, Poland

Meet Ecoperla

Ecoperla offers household water treatment products to respond to the most common needs and problems faced by households. 

This initiative is supported by the Polish water engineering company, Klarsan, which has been operating in the water treatment market for years.


successful call rates


sales calls generated


new sales opportunities

The Challenge:

Previously, Ecoperla used web chats on their website. This resulted in poor engagement rates between our potential customers and our employees. There was also a lot of spam messages and high drop-off rates.

Furthermore, most of these conversations were with unqualified leads, wasting a lot of their employees’ time and effort. 

There was also a long lead response time, ultimately affecting the conversion rates.

The Solution:

Piotr and his team uses Novocall’s click-to-call solution to engage with inbound leads, as well TimeSync to schedule high-quality calls.

An increase in volume of calls

Once Piotr installed Novocall’s click-to-call widget, he saw about 100 calls generated by Novocall every month. This translates to about 100 more sales opportunities each month and a significant improvement in web conversion rates.

Piotr also only took 15 minutes to implement the widget on his website. 

Able to schedule higher quality calls

TimeSync allows reps to set their business hours and connect their calendars to the software. This allows web visitors to schedule callbacks only when there is mutual availability. This greatly reduced the number of missed or after-work calls they received.

Furthermore, Piotr used TimeSync’s lead qualification feature which gave them more qualified leads who were interested to purchase from them. 

He found that that there were a lot more specific questions he could set as compared to chat conversations. This resulted in his sales reps spending less time talking to unqualified leads, and focusing on qualified leads that have a higher chance of converting. 

Because of the smooth and quick communication, this provided a good customer experience and helped Ecoperla to streamline sales communication with their customers. 

Tracking performance of ad campaigns

As a marketing agency, tracking your clients’ calls and attributing them back to each campaign is extremely important. 

So, Jerrick implemented Novocall’s call tracking feature to his clients’ ad campaigns in order to determine if a campaign was performing well. This way, he could properly advise his clients on how they should direct their ad budget. 

While Exabytes had used a dedicated call tracking software in the past, he finds much more value when software like Novocall does not only generate leads but also tracks calls and provides powerful analytics. This gives a much more holistic view of the entire call process, from the first click to the conversion. 

Wrapping up

Novocall’s advanced features and solutions helped Ecoperla generate more inbound calls and thus increased their sales opportunities. 

"Novocall works automatically, saves us time, and gives us great leads."

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