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Meet EU Holidays

EU Holidays is an award-winning tour agency with the aim to offer customers a whole new travel experience. EU Holidays offers a wide range of tour packages to Europeand the USA, as well as other exotic long-haul tours. 

In their first year of operations, they had already earned 9million in revenue. This number doubled in their second year. EU Holidays now has 3 other subsidiaries — EU MICE, EU Asia, and EU Vacations. 


more sales calls


increase in sales
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increase in sales

The Challenge:

The travel industry is still heavily dependent on traditional marketing and cold calling as the element of personalized services plays a strong role in securing a sale.

Many of EU Holiday’s customers inquired about their tour packages via emails or calls. However, many of them called in after-work hours, or were left waiting for a reply to their email. 

"Many people call in after working hours and they had to leave messages to reschedule a call. It was very manual."

This led to a disconnect in the customer journey, which resulted in low website-to-call conversion. 

The Solution:

Kevin and his team uses Novocall’s click-to-call widget to shorten their customer’s journey in contacting a sales agent.

Streamlining the customer journey

Having a low visitor-to-call conversion rate stemmed from a disconnected customer journey. By using Novocall, website visitors could now request an instant callback that connected them to EU Holidays in a matter of seconds.

This allowed EU Holidays to engage with an interested customer, significantly cutting down the time taken to manually reach out to them.

There were also lesser missed and after-work calls because web visitors could now schedule a callback. This eliminated any manual rescheduling of missed calls, resulting in a more streamlined customer journey and a better customer experience.

By focusing on converting more passive visitors into phone calls, Kevin has seen an increase in qualified phone calls. 

“It makes it easier for prospects to talk to people on your team, and the benefit is that you’ll see conversion rates increase both from visitor-to-lead and from lead-to-customer.”

More successful calls = increase in conversion rates

After using Novocall’s widget, Kevin generated 100+ more successful sales calls and over 200 messages and WhatsApp leads from his website. Because of the shortened customer journey, from when the lead visits the website to being connected to an agent, Kevin has seen an increase in sales response time by at least 10%. This has led to an increase in conversion rates by about 20%.

 “Without increasing my marketing budget, my phone leads have increased tremendously, resulting in more phone call sales.”

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