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Meet Exabytes

Exabytes is a Digital Marketing Agency that aims to assist SMEs in digitalizing and bringing their businesses online. Founded in 2017, Exabytes helps businesses achieve broader awareness and reach out to wider sales possibilities. 

Exabytes specializes in providing web hosting services, such as cloud hosting, shared hosting, website creation solutions and more. Today, they serve over 160,000 customers in 121 countries.


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The Challenge:

Having used many call tracking software, none suited Exabytes’ business needs. Jerrick also found that most call tracking solutions were extremely difficult and time-consuming to set up.

There was a lot of wasted ad spend – their ads only drove 10 leads per month. This meant that their sales teams had to turn to outbound sales to hit targets, which was time-consuming.

The Solution:

Jerrick and his team uses Novocall’s click-to-call solution to engage with inbound leads, as well as our call tracking solution to track the performance of ad campaigns. They also use TimeSync to schedule high-quality calls.

A quick and easy set-up

Having had his fair share of complex call management solutions, Jerrick was pleased that the set up only took about 10 minutes. 

"Other solutions required API linking that I had to set up myself without proper guidance, which required hours of time invested. It wasn’t easy, which is why I chose Novocall with their 10 min set-up time."

An immediate increase in leads

Jerrick and his team didn’t even need to look into the analytics to realize that Novocall was working well for Exabytes. On a daily, he received notifications of calls and messages that were exceeding previous rates, without having to make any changes to their other digital strategies.

That’s why even after Novocall’s free trial had ended, he chose to continue using the software. Exabytes went from about 10 calls per month to 30-40 calls with Novocall’s click-to-call widget. This jump allowed the sales team to halt their outbound sales activities and focus their efforts on following up and nurturing the warmer inbound leads.

Tracking performance of ad campaigns

As a marketing agency, tracking your clients’ calls and attributing them back to each campaign is extremely important. 

So, Jerrick implemented Novocall’s call tracking feature to his clients’ ad campaigns in order to determine if a campaign was performing well. This way, he could properly advise his clients on how they should direct their ad budget. 

While Exabytes had used a dedicated call tracking software in the past, he finds much more value when software like Novocall does not only generate leads but also tracks calls and provides powerful analytics. This gives a much more holistic view of the entire call process, from the first click to the conversion. 

Scheduling high-quality calls

The number of warm inbound leads to Exabyte Digital’s sales team

While Novocall’s click-to-call widget brought attention to potential customers, Jerrick felt that TimeSync delivered the biggest benefit to Exabytes. 

It helped ease the manpower strain by scheduling calls when both sales agents and clients are available to talk. Sales agents do not have to stress over high call volumes or take the time to manually schedule calls. 

This allowed for a smoother workflow and an enhanced customer experience which resulted in higher-quality calls and ultimately, more sales.

Wrapping up

The ease of setup and the exponential increase in inbound calls were things that got Jerrick excited about Novocall. 

"Novocall has not only greatly helped improve our sales, but also helped our sales reps streamline their work while appeasing more customers at the same time."

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