RCC Graphic Design increases their clients' calls by 30% with Novocall

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Website Design & Development

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1 - 10 employees

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Canada, USA

Meet RCC Graphic Designs

RCC Graphic Designs started as a graphic design studio which evolved into a bespoke website design and development company. They are now a full-fledged digital marketing company focusing on online business development.

They provide creative and technical support to local companies and firms in the Burlington area. RCC Graphic Designs specialize in re-thinking strategies and creating innovative ways to help businesses promote themselves.


successful call rates


more calls per client


increase in conversion rates

The Challenge:

One of the challenges that they faced with client campaigns and lead generation is the ability to track calls from their ad campaigns and website. They would only know where the call came from if they asked their leads

The Solution:

Rommel and his team uses Novocall’s click-to-call solution to engage with inbound leads, as well as our call tracking solution to track the performance of their ad campaigns. They also use TimeSync to schedule calls.

An increase in call volume and opportunities

After using Novocall’s click-to-call widget, Rommel saw an average of about 20+ calls and 10+ messages per month. Naturally, the increase in call volume also meant that there were at least 15+ new opportunities. 

RCC Graphic Designs also used embedded our software into their chatbot’s workflow, which helped to push a lead into human assistance via an instant call. 

Able to handle missed calls

Through Novocall’s call scheduling software, leads could easily schedule a meeting with Rommel and his team. This helped them better handle missed and after-work calls. 

They were also able to easily follow up on missed calls, leading to an increase in lead

"Novocall solves these problems for us perfectly. It allows customers to easily get a hold of us straight from the website, and best of all, scheduled calls now happen automatically."

Tracking performance of ad campaigns

To Rommel, tracking their clients’ calls and attributing them back to each campaign is extremely important. 

So, Rommel implemented Novocall’s call tracking feature to his clients’ ad campaigns in order to determine if a campaign was performing well. This way, he could properly advise his clients on how they should direct their ad budget. 

With Novocall, he was able to track all his calls back to his ad campaigns and allowed him to identify the best-performing ads to optimize.

"Before Novocall, the only way to know that calls came from the website is by asking our leads and customers."

Wrapping up

Rommel mentions that Novocall was able to help RCC Graphic Designs and his clients because of our useful and advanced features. By managing and attributing calls, capturing new leads, and following up on missed calls, Novocall has helped him to increase lead conversions. 

"Novocall helps with communication because, at the end of the day, there’s only one human quality that we strive for: people crave connection."

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